Brush with fame

We saw Rupert at Some Guys Pizza last night. At first I thought it was just a guy who looked like him, but who else has that goofy hair and wears a tie-dyed tank top? There was a camera crew with him recording something, though I don’t know why.

I have only seen Survivor probably twice, and never with him on it, but he’s been in the news enough around here that I was embarrassed to admit I recognized him.


Thoughts during recuperation

I’m struggling with a sinus infection right now and have been in bed all day, thus getting too much sleep, but feeling too yucky to do anything.

My parents finally have DSL–I’m so proud of them! 🙂 Here you go Dad, a nice link to a video on college Republicans: I took away that 1) Tom Delay really is a giant ass and 2) Mr. “And stuff like that” doesn’t need to worry about becoming a really good speaker someday.

Yesterday we had a family dinner at an Americanized Mexican restaurant. I was happy to see a lot of dishes labeled vegetarian, but somehow there was a giant piece of chicken in the middle of my burrito. The manager was very apologetic and comped the food and gave free desserts, and I didn’t eat the chicken, so I guess all is well. There is some suspicion of a cook trying to be funny in a not very nice way…

My illness has caused some big sneezes, which make my temporary veneers pop out of place each time. It’s rather disturbing to feel my teeth moving! At least they pop back in easily.

Tooth 11

I had a checkup this morning for a January root canal. The picture on the left (which is actually pre-op despite the label) shows a black area which is infected bone above the tooth, basically just under my nose. The years of grinding wore away enough tooth surface to allow bacteria in the nerve area (black vertical part of the tooth), which killed the nerve, and then the infection moved into the skull. I never felt any discomfort with this tooth or the infected area above it so it’s good that they saw it on x-ray and ordered the root canal before it became worse! Afterward, I took antibiotics, and this checkup was to make sure the area looked better or at least no worse. If it were worse, they would do some procedure which involves cutting away a flap of gum tissue and drilling into the infected area to directly treat it.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see that the black area is now replaced with new bone growth (picture on the right), which means no further treatment. I added the red marks to show the same area on each x-ray. The white line in the after pic is the root canal treatment. The three white “teeth” on the left are crowns that have since been removed. I have 22 temporary crowns and six temporary veneers right now! There are no intact teeth left.


This was my third root canal. It should hopefully be the last one: all these crowns are necessary to prevent the rest of my teeth from dying the same way. I’ve lost track of the cost, but if you figure each crown or veneer is $1000, then add in the surgeries and root canals….. yikes.

faketeeth.jpg Not bad for all fake teeth, huh? They’re custom temporaries. The six front teeth, both top and bottom, are each a connected set. I didn’t like them at first because they were so different from my real teeth, but now I’m used to them. The permanent crowns should be similar but not quite as “bulky.”

I thought dinner was pretty: BBQ seitan and a nice presentation of corn on the cob!

I love him, but…

I could tell my toothbrush looked a little more “used” than the last time I’d used it at David’s house. Apparently his needed to be tossed for some reason so he started using mine. Honestly, that’s not as bad as knowing that it sometimes falls on the floor and he washes it and puts it back… in my world, the toothbrush gets trashed at that point. Yet, I still used it. Blecccchhhhh

Yesterday Dawn and I and were wrangling strays again. We received email from someone on the west side who saw a domestic rabbit hopping in her yard. We found two released rabbits hanging out under someone’s car down the street, one of whom had tatters of fur and skin hanging off his chest from where he’d been attacked by something and the skin was torn away. The neighbor came out to get his paper and watched us catch the rabbits, which involved a lot of portable fences, chasing them through yards, crawling on the ground, and herding them with brooms (which we borrowed from the neighbor, who was quite amused at this process). In the end, we caught both mini-rexes, and we hope the vet can patch up the injured one! No comment on the assholes who let them go free.

The Lucky/Tall/Parrot Wedding

My cousin Kristen was married on Saturday. Key items: her husband makes his own diesel for his Jetta TDI from waste vegetable oil, their parrot was in the ceremony, and the location was an Irish inn on 07.07.07. Let’s hope they win some cash in Reno! They are also certainly the tallest bride and groom I’ll ever see. I also dig the old guy’s six-kinds-of-seafoam-green suit.

dadbeer070707.jpg kristenscott070707.jpg leprechaunwedding070707.jpg

One bag at a time

I finally started using a canvas bag when I go shopping. I had some here and there, but then I found one for a dollar at a Farmers Market in South Bend that was roomy and easy to carry and fold. It turns out they have a neat website: see what a difference you can make just one bag at a time!


Sometimes the folks at Meijer think I’m odd, but mostly they don’t mind that they don’t have to do the bagging. Meanwhile stores like Trader Joe’s and Wild Oats will enter you for a gift certificate drawing, take money off your order, or donate to charity when you reuse a bag.

Lots of collies

I helped transport collies to rescue this weekend. Over sixty dogs were abandoned by a breeder. The kennel staff still came, but were no longer paid, so they contacted another breeder who arranged to get them into rescue. Many of the dogs had not been groomed in a very long time, had dental issues, worms, and the like. But they were relatively happy dogs who seemed to put up with all the drivers, cars, and miles pretty well!

collieres0607a.jpg collieres0607b.jpg collieres0607c.jpg collieres0607d.jpg

Meanwhile, rowing has trashed my hands. Dad came down to help paint at David’s, and I found it hard to hold the brush before I lanced the worst ones. At least the house looks good!