The zipper

Casper is home and feeling fine after a day at the vet, but I’m a wreck. Right now it’s just observation and rush her in for surgery if things go poorly, but both vets felt that she should probably pass the fabric and zipper. I’m still a mess!


The zipper parts are in the stomach on the left side of the radiograph. They said everything else is normal right now and she’s acting like nothing’s wrong. I hope it stays that way!

Eat my shorts

I came home tonight to find that Casper had eaten my shorts. I was going to put them on, but something was missing. Like the entire front, including the zipper and drawstring. Compare to an identical pair.


I’ve called the vet and I’m on high alert (couldn’t sleep past four a.m. when she threw up her dinner). Keep your fingers crossed that if she needs surgery, it’ll go well. I hope this is funny later but right now I’m worried. HOW do you swallow that much fabric??


I’ve been going through my belongings to downsize and organize. In my stash of memory stuff, I found these things.


I used my library card all the time as a kid and really felt important to have it. The patch was my winning design for a regional Girl Scouts/Brownies event when I was around eight. The owl was the keychain that came with my first car, a ten year old 1986 LeBaron GTS, which was gold inside and out and had a voice chip like Kit only not as cool (not that I had been allowed to watch the show!). The back of the keychain is worn but seems to say “Owl Be Seeing You” and is some kind of news thing in Berrien Springs, Michigan. The white part of the owl even glowed in the dark.

And the clay thing is Roadkill Rabbit. I think Barb made it or at least gave it to me in high school. Note the tire tracks. A couple of his limbs have broken over the years but I always really liked this guy, and it definitely predates my current rabbit affiliations!

Also, a page from a Kurt Vonnegut novel. I took a class on his works in high school and found this really meaningful at the time. Actually, I still do. I copied this from my book, colored it, and hung it on my dorm room door for a long time.


The shed that ate the world

The plan to move into David’s house, which is half the size of mine, prompted finishing the basement and building a shed to help contain all our stuff. (I’m also downsizing my belongings… anyone want some stuff?) After considering a kit shed, David’s contractor pal Jim said he’d help, and they thought building from scratch would be better. I agreed to fund the project.

Multiple pickup loads later, we had a whole lot of building materials in the back yard and the shop. The allotted space was for a 12×7 shed, which seemed very reasonable. I even saw the platform. But then… it got taller.


All we can do is laugh at this thing. It’s basically as tall as the house. Another contractor friend stopped by and just laughed too when he saw it. As long as the neighbors don’t stop talking to us we should be fine, but I know they’ll be talking about us (or rather about THE TALLEST SHED EVER). David said this morning after seeing it again it was like drunk-dialing a girl you met at a bar and then thinking the next morning, “What was I thinking?”


Please submit ideas for landscaping this monstrosity! I’m thinking archery targets on the side, but perhaps just some corn growing in front would disguise the big brown walls. Mural?

Meanwhile the basement framing is mostly done. If we just had the cash we could get the drywall up!


New teeth! Part I

I had my first six permanent teeth installed today. Now I have a lisp I didn’t have when I woke up this morning, but at least the project is nearing completion. The lisp isn’t as bad as the one I gained when I had my bite opened, and I still overcame that. I sure hope I don’t need speech therapy later! There was one appointment where I had to count in the sixties while the dentist watched my mouth to assess the way everything worked together. I am still waiting to see an updated bill… In three weeks I get more teeth installed.

Three Sisters and doggies

David and I went to Three Sisters Cafe this weekend. Nicole reported so-so food recently, but ours was very good. In fact, my tofu scramble with pesto, tomato, spinach, basil, and feta was excellent! Their blender broke, though, so we didn’t get to have the mango shake after all. Prices were cheap there and we had a coupon for a free meal, so all around it was a great lunch.

We took the dogs to the park yesterday. Walt is starting to get the hang of playing with strange dogs. Here Casper, Walt, and their new pal Maxwell were saying hi at our bench.


One year steak-free

One whole year of no meat at all. Just yesterday I was craving cheeseburgers, but I’ve managed to resist every craving. Other than missing certain foods, I’m really glad to be doing this. It emphasizes a life of peace for me, and that’s hard to come by in other ways some days. Even work has made me very cranky lately.

In 366.63 days, you have saved:
0.1379 cows
30.281 chickens
0.3364 pigs
1.0093 turkeys
0.0807 ducks
57.198 fish

Total: 89.045 animals

This comes from a veg*n calculator, and is discussed a bit here.

Scary monkey toy

Matt and I were afraid of the screeching cymbal-playing monkey toy Gramma kept in the den closet. Matt, do you still have him?


A very similar product in action, only not as creepy:

A post on someone’s blog about a creepy toy reminded me of this thing. The closet was semi-magical, though, because it was lined in cedar and smelled so interesting to me. It’s also where Gramma kept our Easter candy.