Poor Josie

Josie the guinea pig just got home from her Monday surgery. We suspected uterine cancer based on her symptoms last week. When my vet spayed her, she found cysts on both ovaries, a growth on one of the ducts from the ovaries, unidentified white spots all over the uterus, and cervical cancer. Poor piggie is five or six years old but came through surgery well. She’s finally eating and pooping a little better and I think the incision looks great. The narcotic that helped her with pain is what makes her not eat, so now she’s only on aspirin! She seemed really happy to be home and likes being near her piggy friend Cappy, though she’s in a recovery cage for the time being.


Electric dentistry

I figured I was in trouble when my dentist asked me yesterday if I had a pacemaker.

The outcome of such a question is that she ran an electric current from one of those nondescript electronics-looking boxes with dials (one actually said “cut” as the operation you’d get from the setting) through a probe to cut and cauterize my gums. The pacemaker question was because I had to lie on the grounding pad while said current was happily completing the circuit.

Fortunately (if you want to look at it that way) I had already received about eight anesthetic injections, including in the roof of my mouth (always fun), so I didn’t feel the cauterization. However, it smelled like she was cooking. It smelled exactly like the fake steak charring during a stir fry we made a couple of weeks ago!

I still say the crown lengthening was a lot worse, but this was an escalated version of prepping-for-impressions by retracting the gum tissue that sucked last time too. The extra special part is that it didn’t work right yesterday so we have to redo part of it next week, and I get to have it done to the rest of my teeth to be prepped. That’s at least 12 more chances, assuming they all work on the first try. In the meantime I have to swish warm salt water and take ibuprofen to further reduce the tissues. Oh, and the astringent chemicals used to shrink the tissues taste NAS-TAY. I’d rather smell the stir fry.

Dayton regatta 2007

We raced in Dayton yesterday (results). Our quad (I’m on the far left) did ok, though it wasn’t our best performance. No one else was in our event, so we can only compare times to what we think we should have done or against other events’ times, and actually of the 11 quads racing yesterday, only one beat us. At one point someone in our men’s quad made a comment that they should finish faster than us, and when the results came back we beat them by almost thirty seconds, 8:13 vs 8:41! 🙂

Our eight (I’m on the far right) got third. We had a couple of less experienced people this year so just finishing without disaster was good for some folks. The record high temperature and bright sun left me burnt and exhausted. Based on fluid intake and lack of bathroom trips, I think I sweated at least 80 ounces. Sweat was just dripping off of us and sitting in the sun on the reflective water waiting for the event to start wasn’t helping. I had a lot of sleep last night but I am not all there yet today.

David and I picked fresh tomatoes, basil, and thyme in the yard by flashlight last night and he made a fabulous marinara sauce. I was falling asleep in my pasta but it sure was yummy!

Doggie photo contest

Get out your cameras and your favorite doggie! ASPCA Photo Contest

I’ve always liked this one.

I spent another six grand at the dentist this week when they installed six top front teeth. That puts me at 12 of the 28 I need, and all of the front ones are done so my overall appearance won’t change much now. It will be a few weeks before the next set is made. The new teeth look good (we sent them back for tweaking) and feel good, too. I just had an eye exam, too. I’m thinking I’ll get new glasses and no one will recognize me! Especially if I comb my hair… But I don’t want to go too far.

Poor little Josie the guinea pig is at the vet with uterine cancer. She’s been bumped from her spay by emergencies, and now she’s reacting to the heavy pain killer they gave her pre-surgery-that-never-happened such that she probably can’t have surgery now. At least she wasn’t feeling ill when I took her in, but I don’t know how long she can wait nor how advanced the cancer is. I think at least 80% of my female piggies have had reproductive issues ranging from ovarian cysts to uterine and cervical cancer. Josie’s buddy Cappy (who had the same surgery last year) is at home all by herself hogging the food and Pigloos.