National Blog Posting Month

Or as everyone else calls it, NaBloPoMo, is everyone blogging every day in November. I think it’s really driven by everyone wanting to generate more traffic to their own blogs, but I do really enjoy reading what other people are up to (yes, even that boring, everyday stuff), and the groups feature means you can find other folks who have something in common with your own boring blog. The randomizer takes you to who-knows-who’s blog.

Some of the groups are rather funny collections and others are more like support groups. I know I won’t have time to look at the networking-type pages but I do plan to look around on the other folks’ postings. I found these interesting: hippies in grey houses, Circle of Jens (there are already 63!), Ministry of Silly Blogs, Fat Bloggers, and of course a bunch on knitting since knitters seem to like to chat online as much as at coffee shops.

I joined Fridge Friday, Tattooed Bloggers, All About Pets, Indiana Bloggers, Green Bloggers, Cranky Bloggers, Vegetarian Families, INTJs, and Foodies. Because I don’t apparently have enough to do already.

4 thoughts on “National Blog Posting Month

  1. Hey! You are the very first blog I was sent to on the randomizer so I felt obliged to leave a shout out!!

    What’s even cooler is that I’m taking a break from packing- I leave for Indianapolis tonight!

    Good luck with NaBloPoMo!

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