Peace, man

It’s been a busy, productive weekend. I ran all over town yesterday getting paint and supplies for more fixing-up-the-house. Dad came down to paint (hooray!) while I’ve been doing prep things like, oh, removing all the crap from the bunny room so we can make it a normal bedroom again. Meanwhile there are rabbits stashed in pens all over the place.

Saw this groovy van at Lowe’s yesterday (right before I got the best deal in town with $3.13 diesel).

Something ate the face out of David’s pumpkin, carved just a week ago.

And good old Dad is priming the bunny room right now. I removed the annoying bears-playing-sports border today (obviously I did not put that up) and hopefully it will stop looking like a nursery soon.

I’ve also mowed the lawn (wah! no rider!) and moved bricks and cinder blocks and scrubbed walls. Time to do some “homework” so work doesn’t stink too much tomorrow. Exciting post, huh? Thats NaBloPoMo for ya. Oh, and I joined a group of blogging Amys.

3 thoughts on “Peace, man

  1. ♥ that van! My friends and I took one from Minneapolis, MN to Galveston, TX for spring break one year. So much fun!

    I left my jack-o-lantern @ Moxy’s and apparently a critter ate mine and hers. She suspects a racoon or maybe a squirrel. Dodgy.

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