Let me tell you about the time I won jewelry because of my guinea pigs. There was this contest on the radio that I used to hear on my way to work in Culver, IN, ca. late nineties. I worked in a barn-turned-lab with a host of interesting characters, where we made antibiotics and had old mustard gas out in the back forty sheds. Everyone needs a job like that when they’re just out of college. Nowhere else I’ve worked have I gotten drunk IN the company break room WITH the general manager. Anyway, a local grocery store, Martin’s (remarked by more than one of my outta town boyfriends {not that I’ve had very many} to be the blood-dripping or vampire grocery store because of the way the letters look; the blood thing ties in in a minute–you’ll see!), sponsored the radio contest. The DJ would ask a question that would require one to look at that week’s Martin’s grocery ad to find the price of a certain sale item. If you called in with the price, you won something.


Well, the question was about the price of parsley. Now, I had guinea pigs, and for as long as I’d had pigs, parsley was free at Martin’s with any other produce purchase. I buy a hell of a lot of parsley these days for rabbits and I sure wish we had that deal around here. (I did get an amazing deal on parsley this week: check out this single bunch that was selling for 89¢!)

My dad, the only person I know who looks out for even better deals than I do, was all about the free parsley when I was a kid and our pigs sure ate a lot of it. So I called in on my way to work (I can’t believe I had a cell phone then–I bet it was that bag phone) and won a gift certificate to a jewelry store in downtown Mishawaka. I think I may have gotten a bracelet with it, or perhaps I never redeemed it. Anyway, that’s the last contest I remember winning. The other significant one I remember was betting against the Cubs and the Pirates won so my brother had to clean the guinea pig cages, but that predated the parsley contest by several years.

So earlier this week I won a $25 gift card at Hope for the Hopeless because I gave blood in January. Then tonight I found out I also won the blood-donation contest at Manic Mommy’s blog! (Watch the video at the end of the post to see all the names pulled.) There were 33 entries (4.125 gallons!) and several prizes, and somehow I won the biggest one! I swear I don’t know these people–I don’t even know where they live–but karma or something has it in for me in a good way these days. This comes on the heels of several financial windfalls of sorts (I did deserve/earn some of the others), but then February always seems lucky since my birthday, tax returns, raises and bonuses, and paying off the holiday bills while simultaneously not having as many expenses because it’s too cold to go do anything all happen about the same time.

Do you ever have lucky spells? I do. I don’t want to believe in spells of luck, but I do feel like I have them. I also have bad luck spells (I think the last one was a car wreck, two tires blown out by potholes, and some major home repair happening at the same time), but I notice/appreciate the good luck more. They do seem to come in threes, like the fabled deaths-at-the-same-time, but maybe it takes that many in a row for anyone to notice something as a trend. I don’t know what defines a statistical trend but I bet three in a row isn’t enough. We usually go by a run of seven at work, but I suppose it’s case by case, depends on the number of data points, and the limits/standard deviation.


I thought I’d take a Publisher’s Clearing House winner picture (in other words, sitting right here at my desk without combing my hair or getting out of my sweats covered in bunny fur) with my dog, who I thanked in my acceptance speech over at Manic Mommy’s comments, and the pictures turned out like a photo booth event! They are not unlike the one I posted in my Yahoo! Personals ad years ago that netted me a few losers and then finally David. My ad was titled Good Speller Seeks Same. He must’ve been one because he didn’t even have a picture on his ad and I went out with him anyway.
photoshoot1.jpg photoshoot2.jpg photoshoot3.jpg

So, as I told Manic Mommy I’d do, I plan to give most of the winnings to the bunny rescue. But I really like this shirt that is part of the prize! I might drown in it, though.

It occurred to me that I’ve donated blood in Muncie, South Bend, Seymour, and Indianapolis (those are all Indiana towns, you visitors), as well as Massachusetts and Florida. I really get around!

Have you donated blood lately?

Adding this the next day:
Lest my goofiness over winning and all cloud the big picture, I do have to remember there are real people out there being helped. Sure, I think of accident victims and the acute need for blood. But this woman, Billie, has a serious illness and has blood components delivered to her body every month, which have been pooled from thousands of people! Such medical intervention is amazing to me and makes a single donation seem so small.
I truly am lucky that I am healthy and that the people close to me are too.

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  1. Congratulations, Amy! And with all you contribute, surely some of your blood will make it into the mix somewhere down the line wouldn’t you think? It’s a nice thought, anyway. *s* It *does* show just how important each pint of blood is. Though receiving the IVIG treatments since last May, the connection with a blood drive, individual blood donors, etc., did not hit me until seeing Manic’s. It was overwhelming to me, and I sent her a “thank you” email. It still is overwhelming to me to think that a donor like you touches a recipient like me quite simply.

    Myasthenia Gravis is a rare incurable disease. The IVIG gives me some better days, but does not cure it. Without control it is a killer disease. I have a good medical team, but we need control; we’re making progress.

    Please join me in my walk as I strive for remission.

    Ragdoll Billie on the Road to Remission

  2. Amy- If I ever knew anyone who deserves some windfalls, it’s you! You are living the part of the American Dream where you have abundant gifts so you give back. It’s about time the universe gave back to you, too.


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