Getting on my broom

We went to my grandfather’s 80th birthday party this weekend. We ate way too much as usual and then half the partygoers played poker while the rest of us sat at the other end of the table chatting (and a couple knitting) and eating more junk.

My grandma always talks about my hair, so long and thick, don’t cut it, etc. I mentioned that I was considering a new style (or rather A style), but it was hard to commit to something when I had a perfect situation: wash it every three days, let it air dry, and I don’t even comb it some mornings. It just goes back in a ponytail so I don’t bother. (I’m basically as lazy as I could be other than shaving my head, which I’d like to do but I think my head is shaped too oddly for that. Plus, it probably doesn’t come off as well in corporate America like it did at the women’s college I attended.)

When Grandma heard I didn’t comb my hair in the morning, she said, “So then you just hop on your broom and go?”

I found this pretty funny, but yes, it alarms some people.

Then Grandma braided my hair.

Later I found out my family thinks I’m weird, at least weirder than the average person in the population. I was surprised for some reason, but at least my peers (other grandkids my age in the family) were considered weird as well. I couldn’t believe my brother and I were considered equally weird! Come on!

Don’t I look like I’m sneaking into some other family’s picture?

10 thoughts on “Getting on my broom

  1. I only wash my hair every few days and I let it air dry too on work days. I happily sacrifice my vanity for a few minutes of extra sleep each morning.

    P.S. We need some points of reference on this weirdness scale. Ask your fam to name a celeb they think is really weird and one who isn’t weird at all.

  2. Okay, wait… I think I need some clarification as to why I’M weirder than you. Don’t get me wrong, I think we’re pretty equal in this situation. But you seem dumbfounded that I would be equally as weird as you and, dammit, I need to know why. I am a strange bird, yes. But you have the Deitchley family quirks as well, sis. Your blog post on feet, alone, should prove your strangeness.

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