Looks like economic stimulus checks started going out this week. You can check the schedule of when you’ll get yours here.

So what will you be doing with your newfound cash? So far I’ve heard a coworker is getting car repairs and his dog’s tooth crowned, a lot of people are paying down credit cards, for many, money is going straight to savings and retirement accounts and emergency funds, and one person was buying a computer. I planned to leave it in the old checking account and it’ll just go to various normal expenses like any other directly-deposited money. I am currently on board for a trip to Rome and I need a new computer so I suppose it will contribute to those things as well. Now that I’m done paying for teeth, the next step is to pay off school loans, especially since my employer is cutting jobs and I’ve been considering going back to school! How could I ever let myself get MORE school loans?

Anyway, I liked this idea to give the money to something that supports a charity of your choice. Of course the post entertained me because it focused on giving it to charities that the current administration (of which I am hardly a fan) disapproves, but I try to steer clear of politics here since some of my readers do not share my views. I’m not sure why that should matter since I rant about everything else, but there ya go. I have, however, been known to buy trinkets for my dad celebrating Bush’s term ending. He’s always good for a political rant on the phone.

Doing anything sensible (or fun) with your stimulus?

Where have all the hippies gone?

The weekend was so busy it is taking multiple posts! The rant ahead didn’t lend to brevity. The picture uploading is mostly working now with the new blog software, but apparently it only uploads square pictures, so some have been cropped without my intent to do that. I thought it was just a thumbnail thing and then the uploading broke completely again, so who knows.

I went to Earth Day Saturday afternoon, by myself because everyone else pooped out. I had a nice time in the lovely sunny weather (in my Eat Like You Give A Damn shirt) and discovered some interesting tidbits, like that all of Indy’s residential waste is actually incinerated to create steam energy, and in fact my employer is one of the largest customers of that energy. I also learned about an upcoming green building conference in town and I asked the Walmart guy who was giving out free reusable shopping bags made from old soda bottles why the cashiers at Walmart were so confused about bagging items in these very same reusable totes. I had great Indian food and watched all the kids hula-hooping on the grass.

My internal barometer was running from excited to depressed to hopeful to discouraged as I thought of all the ways the human race has messed up the planet and how all the problems of war and hunger and diseases of affluence and environment and animal welfare and social justice and energy crises are so intertwined with our cultures and lifestyles that it’s hopeless to try to make it better… but what else are you going to do? I want to be a person who tries to make it better, by making less waste myself and saving animals’ lives before they are put down like so much trash in the landfill, by speaking up when fellow members of local message boards say all panhandlers are faking it and lazy and that homelessness is the homeless person’s fault and that they should deal with it themselves. Not the kind of person who mindlessly consumes, assuming it’s the American Dream because TV tells me so, and I’ve never gone hungry so anyone who is must be doing something wrong. If you don’t have hope that something better can happen, is there a reason to live? That whole butterfly-flapping-causing-hurricanes thing has to play out somewhere, so it may as well be my wings and hopefully the wings of a few other hopeful people who recognize the disastrous, unsustainable, unjust course our nation and world seem to be following.

Was that dramatic and sobering enough? I had to do fun doggie things to make up for all the soul searching. Meanwhile I accepted a rabbit back into rescue from a woman who had told us allergies developed in the family. When she and her sons brought Miesa back to us, the nine-year-old volunteered, “You know why we’re returning him, right? Because he ate my mom’s laptop cord.” Ah, the honesty of kids. As if that weren’t enough to make me wonder if it’s ever possible to screen adopters enough, they had been feeding him not only the CRAPPIEST food you can buy, but it was GUINEA PIG food. They’re darn lucky it was not the other way around because if you feed a guinea pig rabbit food, it’ll DIE of scurvy.

On to doggies, because I’d had about enough of people at that point.

Here we are at Mutt Strut, a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Despite my concerns with this organization, I decided to attend this year again. There’s something about a lot of pet lovers coming together to celebrate happy relationships with their animals while raising money for an org that does indeed find homes for homeless pets that made me want to participate. People go to this event because it’s fun, and that’s what we needed. And people need to see that they aren’t crazy for loving their pets–lots of other people do too. Thousands, in fact, judged by this event’s attendance.

BTW, this is part of the crash wall at the track. It doesn’t seem to be in very good shape!

Poor Casper’s tootsies didn’t hold up too well on the coarse Indianapolis Motor Speedway track, but a stop at one of the vet stations wrapped her sore feet and two little boys tried to give her water from their hands. It was very cute. Casper wanted to sleep in the shade, not finish the 2.5 mile racetrack walk!

We had two happy, tired dogs at the end. Casper’s feet didn’t bother her at all that night so all is well. And I finally saw another white collie! This one, Oreo, is about Casper’s age and was adopted from the Humane Society.

The post you are reading is: Awsome.

I volunteered at a collegiate regatta on Saturday morning at Eagle Creek Park, where I observed boats coming across the finish line and recorded their order. I couldn’t see very well on the first race and we messed up the order! I hoped the other guy doing finish order would have gotten it but apparently he couldn’t see very well either. The crews sorted it out so all was well, but I felt badly. I should have volunteered to blow the air horn instead, I guess.

The finish tower is several stories of enclosed areas for the officials (where you see the Starbucks carafe that made me laugh) and an outdoor series of descending levels where we sat to observe the boats coming across the finish line, referenced by eye through a vertically strung cable just in front of us with a yellow pole on the 56th St. bridge across the reservoir. In the picture, the round orange buoy in front of the tiered people marks one end of the finish line, and the boats to the left have just finished racing and are turning around. This would have looked better as an action shot as the crossed the line but I was busy watching who came in first. 🙂 There are bow numbers on each boat but they are basically indistinguishable in this picture, which is why it was so hard to see them in the first place!

Lost pudding

Perhaps as a holdover from childhood, I like pudding cups. But I can’t find them in the store! They’re great at work (keeps me from going to the vending machine), but the big stores don’t keep them with the baking/boxed pudding (baking aisle), and for all my wandering efforts and employee inquiries, where the heck are the single serve pudding cups? I buy them now and then but once again, I can’t find them!

I know I should move to a friendlier package, maybe make my own. I’m afraid I’d eat a whole batch at once. Maybe I should bring single serves of the tofu choc mousse Nicole and I have made before?

Busy weekend coming up: helping at a regatta in the morning, then Earth Day downtown in the afternoon tomorrow, and Mutt Strut on Sunday! I need to fit in some yardwork too.

Where’s the pudding?

Poisonous tampons

The mission: Use no plastic shopping bags. It’s been almost a year and I’m pretty successful.
The scene: Major supermart everyone hates for worker mistreatment and imported crap. (What can I say, I’m cheap and like one-stop shopping.)
The item: Box of tampons.

My cashier was scanning the items in my order and putting them in my cloth shopping bag, emblazoned with a competitor’s logo. (I prefer to bag things myself but he grabbed it from me.) When the bag was mostly full, he put an item in a plastic shopping bag. Before, while, and after he was doing this I asked him not to. I did NOT want a plastic shopping bag. (Okay, I sound weird. But I mean it.) There was room in the bag.

He insisted and put the plastic shopping bag containing the item in my reusable bag. I took it out and took the item out: a box of tampons. He explained There’s poison in that. Excuse me? Do you know what I plan to do with these? I said they were all cotton. (The box says cotton/rayon, but I don’t think that qualifies as poison.) Does this guy have some sort of Oedipal complex? Does he have stock in the Diva Cup? Is it like that thing my mom has about no food in the bathroom?

I can only hope he mistook the box for a pesticide or something, and yes, he’s probably trained not to put that in the same bag as the fruit and veggies. But I would have tossed it in there anyway, and I was annoyed that he wouldn’t listen to me.

Don’t worry, I put the bag back on the rack so someone else can use it. And I let the tampons comingle with my apples!

Meanwhile, I was looking at old photos for one to recreate for the Mymsie-alerted site Young Me/Now Me. I did not find the pic I remember in my History Is Fun shirt, but I did come across these promised gems:

Matt in his homemade boombox costume (see these comments)

My evidence of a high score on Pitfall to send to some magazine. I put my guinea pig Frisky in the scene to make it better. For the life of me, I cannot find the blog discussion about this… anyone know who was talking about it a few months ago?

No Carole King references, please

Something woke me up this morning, and then the dogs went nuts. Living in an old creaky house in the city, it was either 1) someone breaking in (thanks, dogs, for scaring ’em away, and good thing the alarm was on) or 2) giant wind gust that shook the place (I kept looking outside and something was strange–no birds!–but I didn’t figure out what it was at the time; the weather was perfectly calm, too).

Option 3 never crossed my mind until I got to work and the guy in the next cube asked me about the earthquake!

I’ve never felt one before. I didn’t notice the minor one felt in South Bend when I was a kid because I was out riding my bike at the time.

Oh well, went back to sleep. Except the dogs decided to roughhouse for an hour after that.

1115 update: I just felt another one! Officially awake, this time. I do work in a trailer so I suppose it could have been “shakier” than other buildings.

No foster bunnies!

I can’t remember the last time I was fostering zero rabbits, but it happened tonight. Baby bunnies Quincy and Jewells have now moved on to their Petco foster spots, and long-term foster Iris was adopted over the weekend.



Iris is a very special girl. She was the last rabbit remaining in rescue from what might have been our worst group intervention, which happened at a shelter in Illinois a little over a year ago. Here she is pictured at the shelter with several other wonderful girls who have also found homes.

After a long road of emotional healing, last month she was featured on Fox59 morning news and showed off for the cameras! She looked very snazzy on the red sheet.

It’s wonderful when a very sensitive rabbit such as Iris finds the right home. Some bunnies are easy to place with most families. Iris has a wounded spirit from her previous mistreatment, but her deep soul has brought her to trust people and really enjoy her happy new life. We’re thrilled the right adopter came along who will understand her and let her be who she is.

Don’t worry, new foster buns will be here in a few days, I’m sure.

A social life?

Yesterday at Petco, Pippen was so zonked he looked very dead.

pippenzonk1.jpg pippenzonk2.jpg

This is for you, Matt.


David and I went out for sushi last night, and then Mike and Carla invited us out to the Chatterbox, the first time I’d been there. It was incredibly crowded for awhile but we eventually were able to sit down, thanks to Carla being on top of chasing down people who were leaving and generally being willing to talk to anyone (just ask Doreen). Carla found a footless army man in the bathroom and he did not burn.


After a few drinks, David went up between sets to talk to the pianist, “Doc” Virginia Jefferson, who had him play with her for a bit. He’s looking for a jazz teacher.

jazz2.jpg jazz1.jpg

BTW, I got $22.37 for my recycled crowns. I won’t spend it all in one place.

Depravity achieved!

Check out the most common Google searches where my blog appears!

# % Query Position
1 14% ha iry mom 18
2 14% animal testing 22
3 8% dancing carrot 2
4 6% “ha iry mom” 7
5 6% hsi 16
6 5% kitchenbike 8
7 5% amy plumbing 6
8 5% mom foot fe tish 6
9 5% casper 35
10 5% superman 193
11 4% foot fe tish 95
12 3% stop animal testing 4
13 3% vegetarian poop 9
14 3% ps4 35
15 3% dancing carrots 4
16 3% indianapolis star yes coupons 4
17 3% elfyourself 21
18 2% i never told you what i did for a living quiz 6
19 2% foot fe tish moms 8
20 2% high school foot fe tish 11

Not only do I still have all the ha iry mom searches from this post (I guess) back in the day, but my foot post gets me all sorts of new query hits. Fortunately those people don’t seem to click through. (I’ve edited with some spaces above to try to weed out the return hits on these.) The real visitors are mostly for bunnies and teeth:

# % Query Position
1 61% animal testing 22
2 7% stop animal testing 4
3 4% animal testing is wrong 2
4 3% will you go out with me 3
5 3% cymbal monkey 4
6 3% cinco de mayo 171
7 2% guinea pig teeth 3
8 2% rabbit teeth 47
9 2% too funny 14
10 2% ovarian cyst 38
11 2% bunny teeth 7
12 1% fake teeth 7
13 1% bunny love 13
14 1% fat bunny 46
15 1% flemish giant 149
16 1% monkey cymbal 4
17 1% monkey cymbals 8
18 1% poopie 16
19 1% good teeth 9
20 1% biggest rabbits 5

And, of course, poopie.