Big cleanup

Today, our company organized multiple beautification projects around the city with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful as part of a global day of service. I helped paint an urban wall with a colorful mural. I found software on my computer that stitched three separate photos pretty well! Our department mostly painted from the tuba player to the violin player.

I’m the dork in the white shirt.

Other employees worked on other wall murals, planted trees and flowers, cleared brush, walked to raise money for MDR-TB programs, and built Habitat homes around the city, while employees around the world at our other sites participated in their own local projects. The Indy group was listed at eight to nine thousand people participating! There was some attempt at a world record too, I think for largest paint-by-number.

I biked to the mural site and passed several other groups of volunteers. When I biked home, I found miles of brush piles and trash cleaned up from Pleasant Run Stream. They even managed to keep it out of the road and bike trail, and the city crews were already working on mulching the brush.

It was nice to be out of the office for the morning (though I had to stay late the night before and skip lunches to catch up) and help our community. I love urban murals, and I never realized how much I’d benefit from the clean up, but I bike along that stream all the time!

I feel like I’ve been surrounded by a lot of negative people lately, and combined with my general worries about life/politics/planet, it can drag me down. I’m trying hard to be positive and not feed into that undercurrent of crankiness. Getting out with a paintbrush helps sometimes.

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  1. Man, when I read about you biking to work and painting murals and saving bunnies I feel like such a slacker. I need to go plant a tree in a parking lot or something 🙂

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