Book release: the most famous person I know!

Nicole and I went to the book release party for Half-Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir on Saturday. It just so happens that the author, Jennette Fulda, lives here in Indianapolis and also has a blog. The difference is that hers is internationally famous and she got a book deal! Jennette is very down to earth and Nicole and I were happy to be at the release party. We all had dinner together with Mymsie and friends a few months back just because we got in the habit of reading each other’s blogs and decided it would be fun to meet. It was the first time I met someone on the internet NOT for the purpose of dating! Much more fun to have dinner out with fellow bloggers. Anyway, congrats to Jennette for losing half her body weight, running a mini-marathon Saturday morning, and then celebrating the release of her book in the afternoon!

And here we are with the author, posing with her giant pants promo materials, Jennette signing our book (I haven’t read it yet so this post will be lacking a review!), and posing with our “Pasta Queen” scepters.

ETA: Set your TiVo to record Jennette on the Today Show on Mother’s Day!

I didn’t mean to cut off poor Jennette’s head there. The new blog software’s thumbnail feature does it automatically, and I’m not yet smart enough (i.e. I haven’t visited the help forums yet) to fix it. If you click on the thumbnail you do seem to get the real, uncropped pic, at least.

I came home to find the dogs having a meeting.

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