It was MEEEE

This morning I found squashed dog poo in the dining room, right next to David’s work boots, so I warned him that he may have stepped in some and I cleaned it up (thank goodness for hardwood floors). Except I didn’t think about the fact that it wasn’t there until right before I left for work, and he hadn’t worn his boots since the previous day.

I got to work and smelled something funny. It was on MY shoe.

Operating theory: it fell out of Casper’s butt after she went out this morning. That happens with her fairly frequently; I think it largely has to do with the amount of paper she ends up finding and eating and the way it just doesn’t come out very efficiently. Then I stepped in it, blamed David’s boots, and went to work where my nose finally noticed. I hope it’s not in my car.

Nothing like scraping your shoe with a plastic knife and Windex in your cubicle to start the day. I got most of it but I keep getting ghost odors and the people around me keep teasing me.

I picked up about fifty bunny poos this morning, but they don’t stink! Ah, what a shitty life I lead.

5 thoughts on “It was MEEEE

  1. I totally hear you. Piggy poo, bunny poo, cat poo… then, when I visit the nieces I get to deal with kid poo. If I never had to clean another litter box, my life would truly be complete.

  2. Bunnies only eat hay, for the most part, and they extract every little bit of nutrition from it so there’s just nothing left to stink. They have two kinds of droppings, actually, but they reingest the stinky ones for extra nutrition so you rarely see (or smell) those. If you feed them too rich a diet, though, they’ll leave behind the stinky ones because they don’t need the extra nutrition!

  3. I live in poo central 🙂 Actually now that my pup is housebroken and we have her food allergy under control it’s not so bad. They all go to doggie daycare where the floors are concrete so every now and then if it’s raining (because she boycotts going outside when it’s raining) Bella will sneak down in the basement and poo on the concrete. Don’t you just love how us fur baby people love to talk about poo? 🙂

  4. I stumbled upon your blog from the PastaQueen’s blog and I have been laughing so hard my sides now hurt!! My dog eats paper, too, and poop just falls out every now and then! She always acts like she has no idea!!

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