7 thoughts on “Yews: A story in pictures

  1. I say you save them for a very windy day and they can be giant tumbleweeds for the entire neighborhood. People will come from miles around to cast their eyes upon the great rolling vegetation. The legend will sweep the circle city and years from now folks will speak of days of yore when the yews took over the town.

  2. Good plan! Unfortunately, that won’t work, because I spent yesterday afternoon chopping off all the branches with a lopper so I could send them to some sort of landfill (I figure they’ll biodegrade quickly so I don’t feel too guilty… tried to find a place to mulch/recycle them but no luck). Chopping them was not nearly as fun as yanking them out with the truck.

    At least the house is full of Casper tumbleweeds.

  3. Yes, they are just big and ugly and ungainly. We left three of them in, but the big ones really bug me. I’m putting in a burning bush, boxwoods, dogwood, barberry, and flowers. Or whatever else I think looks good and/or get to thin from my neighbors and friends!

  4. Or melt the siding like Uncle Gary did when he burned the Christmas tree too close to the house.

    There was a burning bush endorsing W on Daily Show the other day.

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