I’m distracted and not multi-tasking as well as usual. And my connection is not making me happy; browser windows keep freezing and sometimes when I try to close the offending one, I lose all the windows where I’m working. (Of course blogging instead is a great way to be productive. What is wrong with me?) One of my coworkers noticed I wasn’t myself today, and told me so while we were on the phone. He said I’m usually “a rock.” I almost answered that it’s due to PMS, which is absolutely true, but not something I like to announce on speakerphone at a Fortune 500 company. At least I haven’t completely lost the ability to monitor my internal monologue.

Solution: candy bar from the vending machine.

You KNOW I’m not myself when I post lolcats


Quit calling me! Everyone! Let me get some work done! grrrr

funny pictures

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