I am happy to announce that we now have two red phones in the gerbil tube.

(quoted from a work email)

I am part of a project at work which seems to be moving along ok, but the guy running it uses his computer mouse like he’s hovering over a sketchbook with a drawing pencil. Our meetings take place while we look at a projected computer screen, and as he reads parts of the documents or clicks on links or just thinks about pointing at something, his cursor is jittering all over the place and following text like that stupid bouncing ball under singalong lyrics, highlighting this and that, opening and closing links without actually looking at the page that is opened. I don’t know why it bugs me, but watching the screen makes me want to slap at a fly or something.

Sorry, still cranky from yesterday. I accidentally had double caffeine which I think contributed to that funk, but I’m feeling almost manic at this point. Riding my bike to work this morning helped as an energy outlet and I’ve been quite productive today, but still. Put the mouse down.

And heaven help you if you need to use one of the third floor bathrooms. The one I’m thinking of only has two stalls and is rather secluded, so everyone in the building sneaks up there for their, uh, longer bathroom breaks. Here I come from a nearby lab needing a quick potty break and the stench in there is pretty awful. Poop in your own areas, outsiders!

3 thoughts on “I am happy to announce that we now have two red phones in the gerbil tube.

  1. I think you need a week in the Smokies. I tell you, I am a tad high strung at work. But despite a canceled phoner (live phone interview with local congressman that likes to cancel when it truly screws me the hardest) that ruined my entire show and caused scrambling at times when they were most inopportune, I was still relatively calm with only a few choice words today. Normally I would have been Godzilla-like with everything destroyed in my wake. But last week’s vacation mellowed me out a bit. I’m sure by next week I’ll be trashing the newsroom over a dropped pencil, but for now all is well. I tell you, the wonders a mountain hike and 24 hour jacuzzi access can do.

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