Flabby eyelids

So my old lop Arliss has something like entropion, where her eyelids tend to fold into the eye and cause irritations. She pretty much has extra tissue in the area and I’m supposed to apply ointment to reduce irritation. My vet swears eyelid surgery is common but I have yet to meet another bunny person to have it done and I’m a bit skeptical.

I actually took her in today for a growth in her ear, but we talked eyelids and had a minor tooth adjustment too. A couple hundred bucks later, the ear growth has been cut off, but meanwhile she screamed as they put her under anesthesia which was pretty creepy. Arliss is about nine and seems pretty healthy to me, but some days she does look a little ragged. I was surprised to find out she weighs less than 4.5 pounds; I think the other pound or so I thought she had must have just been attitude.

Arliss now has a cute bandage on her loppy ear. Of course I can’t leave it on too long or she may lose circulation in the area, but I can’t take it off too soon or she might bleed since the area of the apparent fibroid growth was pretty vascularized. She is now gorked up on Buprenex and kind of lolling away the afternoon. Joey accompanied her today and they get to hang out together while I keep an eye on her. I’m surprised she isn’t messing with the bandage on her ear (and neither is he).

I came home to find three cop cars and a couple other vehicles blocking the street in front of my house. It somehow involves the next door neighbors (the ones another neighbor called the Health Department on last week) and Walt is being very obvious about spying on the activities under the curtains. I’m just glad the dogs aren’t barking at the people out there. I’ve also discovered during these last few days off that all the drama happens during the workday! I wonder what else I’ve missed.

Can’t talk, I’m bonding bunnies

I made Joey and Arliss ride in a laundry basket for several hours yesterday and today while I drove to visit family, and now I’m supervising their time together in a pen at home. So far so good. Some kissing, some humping, no injuries! Bonding bunnies is an art.

Also: If there are two lanes open to the left of me on the interstate, I’m in lane three w/cruise going 60 in a 55, traffic is somewhat congested, and there’s a lane to the right of me, what would you think of a tanker truck flashing his lights behind you, then passing on the right at about 75 mph blowing his horn? Obviously he wanted me to get out of his way. I think he was traveling way too fast given the busy area and his size and flammable load. I thought he wanted me to move out of his way, but it wasn’t like I was being poky nor blocking two available passing lanes (I don’t think he’s restricted from the far left lane in that area). I honked back. Is it smarter to just get out of the way (and he could have been flashing at someone about passing; how should I know?) since he’s big and barrelling through, or do I stand my ground even though I’m in a compact car and would lose the fight?

Home safe anyway. G’night from the Joey and Arliss wedding.

Now I hate them too

Day Off #2, and I had plans to paint the porch trim, but a few errands cropped up first.

After the pup and I took a ride to pick up my bike at the shop, I got a call from a bunny friend who was fostering a sick rabbit for a southern Indiana shelter. The rabbit has some lameness in one leg, drains in the other leg, sore hocks, and who knows what all, requiring an easy-entry special kind of litterbox I happened to have and not need. So, I took the litterbox to my friend, and picked up some hay and a dog crate while I was there.

My friend lives near a health food store that carries a few weird items I can’t find elsewhere, so to make the trip to the NW side even more efficient, I decided to go there. I’ve been to Georgetown Market at least ten times but for some reason I couldn’t find it today. My travels spiraled downward from there so I drew you a helpful map.

Red line: I traveled west/north to my friend’s house, where you see the red bunny. Note the attempted accuracy at using the correct exit ramps in my travel line.

Pink line: I try to drive from the bunny to the market, represented by a Quorn Turk’y Roast, which I bought for my Thanksgiving dinner. Remind me to tell you later about the turkey I adopted. Anyway, the Jeep now has hay in it, so I used Google images to find a representative picture by searching “jeep hay.” I got a picture of Hilary and Haylie Duff and their floofy dog doing some contest that Jeep sponsored, so that’s why you see them on I-65.

While I was unsure of how to find Georgetown Market from this direction, it is helpfully named after THE ROAD IT’S ON, so I turn left on Georgetown Road. I had a sense this was the wrong direction but to the right is a mall and no more road, so left it was. You will then see where I turned around at a liquor store because I could tell this was NOT the right way. I even checked my map at the liquor store but it also showed Georgetown ending at the mall. The map only cares about the part that goes to the Motor Speedway, I guess (note blue arrow pointing to the IMS, next to Danica Patrick making the sport respectable for other female drivers).

Light blue line: Now I’m heading back north (sorry that I’ve obscured the map’s “Georgetown Road” label with my pink and blue lines, but trust me, it’s the right road), and I decide to turn left on Lafayette, where you see the pink/blue/brown lines cross. I realize right about this time that there is a yummy Indian restaurant straight ahead (noted by the samosa) and it’s lunchtime, but I’m in the wrong lane. Surely I can stop back later, right?

The light blue line now stops at Rick James, because I notice there is an AT&T wireless store next to the market (yes, I’ve found it! Georgetown Road picks up again up here) and my cell battery likes to die after about ten minutes of conversation. I tell myself I’ll just price check here since cell stores tend to be a ripoff, and I chat with David on the dying phone about my plan. He says, “I hate cellular stores.” After signing a list in the store and after all the people ahead of me on the list have been helped, a salesperson gets to me.
Me: I need a battery for an LG CU500.
Her: We don’t carry those phones.
Me: I bought it from you.
Her: We haven’t had those in at least two years.
Note I haven’t had my phone nearly that long, but I do get a nice tip about a Batteries Plus store. I desperately ask for directions given my earlier problem finding the market, and find out it’s on Lafayette near WalMart, which I know is nearby, but she couldn’t tell me where to turn out of the store, so I will have to wing it. Then I call David and say, “Now I hate them too.”
(Regarding Rick James: That came up when I Googled for “AT&T b*tch”)

I walk next door to Georgetown Market where I buy things like organic carrots with the tops (the bunnies and piggies love those), no-beef-beef-bouillon, the aforementioned Turk’y Roast, rice noodles, etc. They don’t have harissa, which is in a recipe my magazine swears is easy to find at places like this. I’m still not quite sure what harissa is but it will probably involve a trip to the International Market, shown by the pretty bird. I put that in my head for another day because finding anything at the International Market requires a tour guide who speaks seven languages. I at least need to know what part of the world harissa comes from, and while I thought it might be Egyptian, this was not the day to get lost over there. Besides, I know there’s an Egyptian market nearby too! (See the camel.)

While at Georgetown Market I also have curried roasted vegetables from their hot bar, and it’s so good I’m going to find a recipe for it. It would be great with the turk’y!

Green line: Now I’m on a mission to find Batteries Plus. Watch the green line where I turn completely the wrong way, north, and end up on 56th Street, then come back down Lafayette. I see WalMart and figure the battery place might be in the outlot shops, but after driving around (see the circle around the second Hillary’s head), I discover it’s not here.

Now heading back down Lafayette, there it is! Except it’s not accessible due to a median. So I turn at the next possible spot, which is, oh, right in front of Georgetown Market at a furniture rental/clearance place. See the office chair made from a B-52 ejector seat. I decide to stop in and look for a used office chair, and the only ones that meet my ergonomic needs are used $600 Herman Miller chairs. Chairless, I get back in the car.

Blue line (not the Danica one): I finally get to Batteries Plus, where I pay $37 for an off-brand battery.

Brown line: Thanks to the median again, I have to turn around somewhere weird where I see a Mike-n-Ike car. Note WalMart in the background. I guess Hillary’s head is obscured by that utility pole.

In the interest of map accuracy, WalMart Hillary and the giant battery are actually on the east side of that street, but I ran out of room on my map where the ejector seat is. You probably shouldn’t get directions from me anyway.

I follow the brown line home, where I find an off-brand cell battery at Amazon.com for less than $9 with shipping. Along the way I call my mom to complain about her generation’s music because “Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy” comes on the radio, but she doesn’t answer.

Lessons learned: If I had an iPhone, I could have looked up Google Maps in the car and saved all that time and fuel. Better urban planning would have helped too. Heck, with an iPhone I wouldn’t need to go to the cell store because I could look online for the prices, get the phone number for Batteries Plus, find out what harissa is, etc. Meanwhile this entry took so long my wireless mouse’s batteries died in the middle.

I did get an hour of painting in before dark!

On Proposition 8

Thanks for the heads up, TMC.

I took that picture several years ago and never had occasion to use it for anything. I think this event has called for it.

As the guy running for my state Senate spot said:

7) Should Indiana’s Constitution be amended to define marriage as a union solely between one man and one woman?
Ken Kern: No. Vice President Chenney was once asked about this issue and responded by saying “Freedom is freedom.” The Constitution should never be amended to restrict freedom but enhance freedom.

His holier-than-thou opponent won here, too.

Day off!

Actually five days off. I needed to use up some vacation.

Today: got up early anyway, took Jeep in (I was going to thank David for using the compressor to fill the flat tire and going with me to drop off the vehicle for repair, but the tire was flat due to a drywall screw, which is probably his fault), found a laborer for David’s job AND didn’t have to do it myself, dug up the rest of the yew roots, planted four shrubs and a bunch of bulbs, watched the gossipy neighbor make his rounds and even call the Health Department on another neighbor, took bike in for tune-up, got gas for $1.85. Productive day! Maybe painting tomorrow if the weather holds.

My patient while his family is on vacation:

Either I’m really good at sub-Q fluids or he’s just lonely enough that he still purrs throughout the treatment. We cuddled for awhile too.

Eight things

A meme that’s been making the rounds, including at Chubby Mummy and Must Be Motherhood. I changed the one about things I like about autumn to my list of crap to do because while I like autumn, I really need the accountability more. And I combined the things on the wish list with the things needed/wanted because really, those seem the same, and I just don’t want that much stuff.

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch: (I don’t really love watching TV… but I like it on in the background while I do other stuff or fall asleep on the couch. Consequently I miss the end of at least 25% of what I watch. Thank goodness for TiVo.)
=> Suze Orman Show
=> Daily Show
=> The Office
=> King of the Hill
=> Breaking Bad
=> Battlestar Galactica
=> Living With Ed (has that been canceled?)
=> 30 Days (canceled?)

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
=> Shalimar (Indian)
=> Donatos carryout, especially with the $5-off-a-large online coupon!
=> Mediterrano Cafe (Middle Eastern)
=> The cafeterias at work where the chefs hook me up with hummus, vegetarian soups, tofu on the pasta bar, beans for the burritos, and other good stuff every day
=> Broad Ripple Brewpub, because at least half their stuff is vegetarian
=> Machu Picchu (Peruvian)
=> Yats (Cajun/Creole, always good veggie options)
=> Red Robin or Denny’s for great veggie burgers!

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
=> Flexed off some work hours to vote and get other stuff done
=> Bought 11 bottles of wine (I love the new boxed options, both for price and environmental/resource concerns)
=> Had Yats for dinner
=> President OBAMA!!
=> Drank too much wine and fell asleep during the acceptance speech
=> Cleaned the guinea pig cage
=> Put the soil back in my pot of mums that some creature dug out
=> Went to two meetings and didn’t get much of anything accomplished in either of them except scheduling more meetings! (Today: SAME THING)

8 Things I Look Forward To:
=> Wearing fall and winter clothes
=> Selling my house
=> Just-planted bulbs blooming in the spring
=> Marking a bunch of items off my to-do list
=> Travel
=> Visiting family
=> Bonded bunnies
=> Peace

8 Things on my To Do List:
=> Replace Jetta glow plug to get the engine light off
=> Repair Jeep flat tire
=> Take bike in for tune-up
=> Organize recipes
=> Rehome all the crap I don’t want anymore
=> Work with investment guy, make a plan
=> Administer fluids to my friends’ cat
=> Finish digging out roots and planting shrubs/bulbs

8 Things on my Wish List/Needs/Wants:
=> New office chair (ideally meeting ergonomic, non-leather, recycled, space demands!)
=> A clean house
=> Yakima racks on the car (purchased, just not yet installed)
=> Co-op membership
=> New pants for work
=> New cell battery
=> Better time mgmt/less procrastination (or just learning to deal with that aspect of myself)
=> More sleep

8 Things I’m Passionate About:
=> Animal welfare
=> Hunger/homelessness
=> GLBT rights
=> Peace
=> Grammar/spelling!
=> Lessening my environmental impact; sustainability
=> Adopting, not breeding, pets
=> Leading by example

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
=> What the heck
=> Nice driving, *sshole
=> Are you huuuuuungry?
=> Casper, shut up.
=> Did you just fart?
=> That can be recycled.
=> You can’t do that!
=> Your mom

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See or Visit:
=> Iceland
=> Thailand
=> Vancouver
=> Montreal (or was it Toronto?)
=> The Grand Canyon
=> Farm Sanctuary
=> Best Friends
=> Tropical beach

8 Things I Have Learned From My Past:
=> Don’t mouth off to people in charge
=> Don’t date anyone at work
=> People are generally good
=> Everyone is equal and deserving of respect
=> Eat dinner as a family (and cook it at home)
=> Go to college. It’s worth it for the experience, the pride/sense of accomplishment, and the extra income! Then push yourself to learn more
=> Work really hard. It impresses people and gives you a leg to stand on when you do need a break
=> Listen to your dentist

You only got four seven minutes to save the world

Took seven minutes to vote this morning. There were two people ahead of me in line, and I was ballot #485 in the machine at 3.5 hours into the day. They gave us clipboards to use to vote if we didn’t care about waiting for the four privacy “booths” set up for our precinct (our county uses paper ballots). The other precinct meeting at the school gym had probably a 45 minute wait. Guess I was lucky! David only took three minutes at his voting location–no one in line. We are very glad we didn’t vote early and wait in line for hours!

I’m excited about Obama. Way more than I was about Hillary, and I landed squarely on her forehead on a political quiz a couple years ago. It’s cool to be An Independent, as if that implies Free Thinking, Not Toeing a Party Line, all those good things you want of smart voters. Except, let’s face it: the Republicans are not likely to nominate a candidate who holds dear the issues I hold dear. The Democrats are way more likely. Frankly, they aren’t liberal enough for me.

Liberal has definitely been tossed as a dirty word around me. I shouldn’t be afraid of it if it describes my politics most days, so I’ve been trying to embrace it more lately. Would I vote not-straight-Democrat? Sure, given a MORE liberal candidate. And for some local elections, I’ve been known to vote for folks who I know I like (their positions, their plans) without knowing their party affiliation. They were probably not Republican, though.

I guess I don’t want “Republican” to be a dirty word, but it tends to be one around my household (and I fight that assumption, looking for the nuggets of truth). I’m glad my best friend calls herself one because it’s taught me a lot about considering the other side’s viewpoint, about trying to be respectful. That hasn’t changed my dread that GWB is a dumbass spiraling our country into the exact opposite of what I believe to be most compelling issues/direction we need to travel, nor that I live in fear of something happening to him because I think Cheney is downright, perhaps, evil. At least GWB doesn’t appear to be smart enough to cause more damage than has already been done, but we do have a few months to test that theory.

Obama is inspiring. He makes sense. I believe in his integrity, something I don’t get from some members of the current administration. Obama is genuine to me, in a way Hillary just didn’t tweak, as much as I liked her.

I want peace, religious freedom (including freedom FROM religion), protection of abortion rights, and an energy policy that frees us from the noose of petroleum and all its accompanying evils (terrorism, political submission, economic slavery, environmental devastation), an immigration policy that make sense and acknowledges the value of–instead of criminalizing–every person who WANTS to be here, a place to live that empowers all within her borders. Is that why people are so excited in this election? I feel like maybe all those folks who never felt represented before finally see something in a presidential candidate that they like and trust and believe. It’s, oh, enfranchisement? Why does that scare so many regular white folks? (And I am not trying to make this about race–I feel represented for the first time too.) It can’t just be about guns and gays and fetuses, can it?

I want leadership through a sagging economy and a crappy real estate market and a loss of American jobs. I want Supreme Court justices who will stand up for each of these issues on MY side because I think they make us a healthier, happier, more JUST place to live. And none of that constitutional amendment crap defining marriage.

Gut instinct on McCain and Palin: He seems doddering. We already have an image problem in this country. I don’t really think that would ever keep me from voting for someone. But as much as the buzz on Palin on Day One was so Wow! It’s A Woman!, when I then read about her I found out she has the exact opposite stance as I do on every one of the political issues I mentioned above. The only thing she might have going for her is integrity, and I base that assumption on Wikipedial references to her challenging Republican ethics and ousting all sorts of folks in charge. Such ousts can also be due to power grabs, of course, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt since a fresh start often seems like the only viable governmental choice to me. Meanwhile McCain used to seem promising to me. Until he swapped all his convictions for whatever the GOP told him to be for their campaign. Bzzzzz, try again.

To be honest, most press/media has been rather absent from my life the last couple of months, and I hope that means I’m less influenced by whatever “liberal agenda” they’re supposed to have. Whatever that means.

On Smaller Government, a common refrain I hear from Republicans. Really? Do you really think the party is suggesting Smaller Government? All I have seen are special interests getting a whole lot of money and the rest of my taxes (plus a lot of money not even printed yet) sucked into Iraq. I also see that no American can make a living wage on minimum wage, that being a poor kid going to a poor school makes you no match for what the world hands you. Why doesn’t everyone have health insurance? It seems like the right wants smaller government as it relates to general welfare programs, but then goes and spends it somewhere else anyway. That’s not smaller. Anyone visit the National Priorities Project lately?

Do I think the Democrats have all the answers? No. But for the issues most important to me–and most of those boil down to treating people more like humans–the liberal approach makes more sense to me. I still get pissed at the way both sides fart around in the legislature and argue with each other instead of doing real work. We shouldn’t be sitting here wondering how to fix energy policy… it should be half done by now. The economic scare of the past several weeks did bring out enough oh shit by both parties to make me wonder if we actually could work together on something. But we’ll see.

I’m Amy, and I approve this message. I think I wrote it as much to hash out my own platform as to prove I had one! I hate being assumed to be Queen Democrat. Frankly, a lot of them annoy me, because politics bring out the worst in everyone.

Bottom line: unless Kucinich runs, I probably won’t be truly happy. But Obama has something that I haven’t seen anywhere else in a long time. Let’s hope he has the smarts, compassion, and common sense he’s impressed upon me.

Another regular-Joanne’s take which I found interesting

For Elizabeth

Several years ago I heard My Number on a Louisville NPR station. I was instantly enamored with Tegan and Sara, and I immediately downloaded everything I could find on Napster when I got home. They remain on a very short list of singers/songs that really touch me. I like their old stuff best, but the above tune reminds me of a special person. I wonder where she is now.