A girl in the garden

We had a crapload of snow last night, which made me happy because we don’t get much down here and I grew up in lake effect country. This storm should satisfy me for awhile because yesterday’s shoveling was erased overnight and then I spent an hour getting to my Jeep in the alley this morning.

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I also shoveled some paths for the dogs, who use them partway and then bound off into the virgin areas. Casper was smart enough to pee and poop in the cleared areas (and she’s not normally the smarter of the two), but Walt insisted he had to do his business exactly where he always does and every time he squatted he got snow on his butt and jumped away. He finally trampled enough area to do what he needed to and then he ran a few laps.



The only thing that makes my super-white collie look dirty and not-white is fresh snow!

A lot of people didn’t make it to work today and all the schools are closed. I thought I was in Shaun of the Dead when I drove down Michigan Street and it was full of random people staggering down the middle of the road since they had no other way or place to get around. Then a train blocked the street and instead of getting stuck behind a bunch of trapped city buses who were trying to turn around, I had to go down side streets for a mile until I found an underpass–that was bad news with no plows and a foot of snow. Thank goodness for 4wd. When I found the underpass on an actually plowed Washington Street, a semi had everyone stopped going the other way because he was too tall to fit under the bridge with all the snow under it.

I discovered fleece socks keep me warm at work! I need many more of these.

Update on the hair situation: Nicole kindly stayed with me for moral support last week when I had half of mine cut off. Thanks to layers and thinning shears I can wear it down frequently, though it’s still very floofy on its own with an air dry. This dark pic is after the stylist spent a half hour drying/straightening/flat ironing it.

Bonus pic: Someone got creative in the house numbers aisle at WalMart the other day.

2 thoughts on “A girl in the garden

  1. WHOA — that is, indeed, a crapload of snow you guys got. For once Fort Wayne got a lot less than Indy did, maybe 4-5 inches total. It made for a school snow day yesterday but wasn’t an emergency or anything.

    About that last picture, a friend posted a picture on Facebook a while ago of decorative, initialed fingertip towels at a local gift shop that someone had so helpfully arranged to spell FART. I love it.

  2. Love your hair! Aren’t the long layers and thinning shears a miracle? If it weren’t for them, I’d never leave the house!

    P.S. Love that Wal-Mart vandalism.

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