Race for the Cure Indy

A few weeks ago friends and supporters gathered at Race for the Cure here in Indy to support Linda’s breast cancer fight (I think she is just finishing her radiation therapy!) and provide resources to underserved people in our community affected by the disease.

As it goes with many things lately, I promptly put the pictures on Facebook and didn’t get around to it here. Maybe I could automate everything to feed here somehow.

Anyway, time to start the catch up. And thanks to Mymsie and Songbird who donated to our fundraising for Team Linda. Thirty eight friends and family joined Linda’s team!

This is toward the end of the 5K walk. I always find this view of downtown interesting.

The Ghostbusters walked too!

Lots and lots of people on New York Street

The course went past the zoo, where this elephant with pink ribbons on his ears was doing tricks for the crowds.

Team Linda beat the goal and raised over $2600!

2 thoughts on “Race for the Cure Indy

  1. bravo! looks like a successful walk.

    it’s an insideous disease, we should all do our part to eradicate it.

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