I need a work blog

I'm leaving work to go home and check work email

I need a work-only blog or maybe Corporate Facebook where I can rant about the crap I put up with at my job. It’s a tough week and the stress spills over to personal life, yet I can’t really discuss details about work nor do I really want to talk about why my life sucks because it just sounds like whining even if it feels real. Let’s just say sometimes I want to brain* people.

*My mom used to say that but I don’t think I ever have: To smash the skull of; Slang: to hit or bang (someone) on the head.

1 thought on “I need a work blog

  1. Yes, I’ve said “I want to brain someone.” But I’ve never had the pleasure or courage to do it. I also have an aversion of arrest and assault charges. I don’t recall having said it in many years. The most likely prospective victims in the past were you, your brother and father. You and your brother moved out and I’ve finally gotten your father trained.

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