Tour de Cure: I made it






EDIT: A couple more pics showed up from work. Donations can still be made for the American Diabetes Association through this event until July 13!

I rode with my friend/coworker Brian on the 50k route, but with the hundred-plus Lilly riders we were never far from another coworker. My odometer read 39.5 miles when we got done! That’s the longest I’ve ever ridden. What’s odd is last Tuesday I ran a couple miles at lunch (more like jogged and rested intermittently) and felt terrible and sore for days, but I don’t feel ANYTHING after all that cycling. I slept a lot that evening but I was short on sleep that week anyway. I guess I’m cut out for that kind of exercise. Cycling is way more fun than running, that’s for sure. Maybe I only like sports with expensive apparatus (like rowing).

There were helpful stops along the way with snacks and water and Powerade and bike mechanics. Other than a drink and a few peanuts, I didn’t feel like I needed much. I guess I did have one of those nasty gel pack things when we started so that probably helped.

Anyway, the forecast had been terrible and then it turned out to be a perfect day! I’m really glad I did it and thanks to Dad and Mymsie for their donations. Lots of $$ raised for the American Diabetes Association!

I took some video but I’m still learning my editing software. Meanwhile (video below) another person caught us at ~3:30 (I’m on left with the blinking light, and the still has caught us in the view I keep getting). The video gives a sense of the massive start and riding around the track.

Next event: NITE ride? We can finally use some of the glowstick pile…

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