Bike + Jeep = 2 firetrucks, 1 ambulance, 5 cop cars

Riding home today, lovely weather, laughed when guys at the sketchy basketball court in the sketchy park hollered, “Hey biker lady, wanna hoop?”

But a couple miles later, blam. Dude in a Cherokee turned left and hit me.

Fortunately I’m apparently fine; he hit the rear of the bike (back wheel area) so missed my leg and the rest of me. Alas part of the bike frame is bent (plus a brifter is wack, chain’s off, rear rack is bent, and my awesome PlanetBike superflash light bit the dust in the middle of Sherman Drive). Bike and I hit the street but I walked away, and that’s what counts.

Some other guy saw it and called 911. Gotta admit, the firetrucks are fast to arrive! Ambulance came right after. I’m not sure why five different cop cars came but maybe it was a slow day.




I hope the guy’s insurance covers the bike. It was a little funny how when he looked at it he was like, Man, that’s an expensive bike, huh? And then two cops later said the same thing. It’s not THAT expensive, but a lot more than a department store type. Meanwhile I hope I can get anything for it since I was coming off a bike path and we were both stopped for cross traffic. I believe I had the right of way (obviously) since I was going straight, but the cop didn’t know the statutes.


Note the color lines added (click on pic) to show what should be straight. The red is where the chain is off and the sad face is where my light used to live. He didn’t hit the derailleur side so that’s an expensive part not necessarily broken (though I fell on that side, so who knows), but unless the seat stay can be unbent, the frame is hosed. I wonder if the rugged cross frame paired with the structure of the rack saved the wheel and/or me. It sure bent a lot and all I did was fall over.

Amazingly I have maybe two minor scratches from scraping against my bike and a teeny blood spot on my knuckle. I’m glad I was wearing gloves. I must’ve jumped/flown off gracefully not to be road rashed. We’ll see what other aches develop in the next couple of days.

If only I’d been running my video camera today! (Not for excitement, but evidence)

5 thoughts on “Bike + Jeep = 2 firetrucks, 1 ambulance, 5 cop cars

  1. Glad to hear you were relatively unscathed!

    Assuming you drive, contact your insurance company; your car insurance may cover any injuries and/or damage to your bike, depending on your policy. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, that might cover your bike. And get a copy of the police report — you’re going to need it.

  2. I’ve gotten advice to go directly to his insurance, to file with my homeowner’s insurance (turns out our deductible is way high and this isn’t going to work), and even look into small claims if these paths don’t work. I did get the police report, which states the driver failed to yield and that I was halfway across the street before he hit the rear of my bike, so that supports that I left first and had right of way. Also the witness stated he barely stopped before turning and that I was 3/4 across the street, so all that is on my side.

    I’m getting estimates from bike shops for repair (replacement because the frame cannot be repaired) and I’ve filed w/his insurance for now. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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