2009 Pub Crawl

We attended the eastside pub crawl again this year, which our buddy George organizes to benefit NESCO. We scrambled again at the last minute to create costumes, but David is a bit more last minute than I am!

(Last year’s pub crawl)

More pics from this year at Flickr

No DUI when you take the bus!

David as Dr. Horrible (watch it here), with Phil playing Max

Here we are in the showcase showdown

Mac Daddy (Stephen), Andrea as police woman, Phil again, and organizer George as Little Edie Beale

Ziggy Stardust (Don) wants to bid on the showcase

I would like to point out that my outfit was fun farts & craps time and only cost $10 in materials. The fonts used in my bid and prize are the actual fonts used on the show! Amazing what the internet holds.

David had to repaint his rubber boots ten minutes before we left because the previous coat flaked off in our kitchen.

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