I packed BBQ sauce

I STILL don’t have a work permit or plane ticket or firm start date, but I do have a tax number and a verbal agreement on a house to rent. Next week I’ll probably work two days locally but I think my IT changes take effect Monday, rendering me useless on any company computer, which might be a blessing in disguise. Therefore, this weekend I’m transferring and backing up files and emails so I can actually get to the information in the next couple of weeks of transition. Meanwhile, there’s some kind of mini-strike among Irish govt workers and I think my agent had to call in some secret favors to get the permit moved closer to the top of the pile. I expect to leave next Friday! That’s only two delays (one week total) from the more recent plans and only three delays (five weeks) from the January plans. My stuff shipped out on a big pallet this week so I’m living on leftover clothing and computer equipment, but I barely miss any of it. My very helpful agent made a hushed request the other day for Jack Daniels BBQ sauce so I packed it!

We had a big housecooling party last weekend which was a lot of fun and was also good for forcing a clean house! Meanwhile I hit a HUUUUGE pothole, got a flat a mile later, walked home, and had to get roadside out twice for help. The rim is bent and I have to go deal with getting the repaired wheel put back on soon.

Arliss leaves for her Cincy-area home tomorrow. This week’s last vet check shows her in great health and I expect to see her back, still stomping at me, in a year! The pigs went to my parents’ home a couple weeks ago, the frog went to David’s brother, and Vegas fuzzbun leaves in a few days. The zoo is shrinking. Soon the humans will equal the nonhumans, but I still think the dogs have the best deal in getting to sleep all day and have all their meals prepared for them.

A big country house and a castle house have now fallen through with various drama (sorry guys, but at least the pictures were neat), but our agent has found a great place for us a thousand feet from the sea! The fenced yard and minimal furniture will meet our needs well and it’s only ten minutes from work (and a mile from a 17th century fort with star shaped fortification).

view from a bedroom

It was supposed to be unfurnished but the agent talked the owner into at least some beds and chairs, so now I have to come up with lamps and pots and TV and spoons and everything else. I’ll probably be in a hotel for several days to start, anyway, so I’m just letting it all slide. It will be fun to explore and find my new belongings. Flexibility is the central part of this adventure, and that’s a huge step for this overplanner.

The hardest part has been not knowing the date I’m leaving. Without a work permit I can’t purchase a flight, and planning for HR and IT items that take several weeks of notice is difficult as a result. Meanwhile HR and IT and seven vendors need various approvals and forms and knowing the date I’m arriving to set up anything for me, and none of that is established. My pallet of stuff arrives on the island before I leave and even before I have an address for delivery!

Work computing, form filling, inventorying, and banking adjustments remain. And moving all my stuff from the desktop to the new laptop! I like the idea of a simpler system but I did send a real monitor and wireless input devices and my actual office chair. Maybe I can entertain myself in my empty house by rolling around in it.

“But you fell out of the tall tower!”

The other quote I considered was: “She has huge… tracts of land”

One of the properties on our short list of where to live in Ireland is what I’m calling the Mother-In-Law Castle!

The Dower House, Kilbrittain, Co. Cork

It was built in the 17th century for the MIL of the lord of the ridiculous c. 1035 castle across the street!

I keep thinking we need boiling oil or maybe Nancy Drew will stop by and find something under the staircase. I’m already afraid of the wine cellar and the “sub-lower level.”

pics from kilbrittain.net

Dead fish

Been very busy planning the move. My stuff ships out Tuesday, but I have another week or maybe a little more, depending on the employment permit arrival.

Anyway, I found this while cleaning up for a fun going away party:

My first pets and their method of dispatch:

I also found evidence of hours spent at our first home computer, an Apple IIGS, for a school report. I drew a diagram I saw in a textbook, I think around 5th or 6th grade:

And here we have Amy creating a Rudolph-pulling-Santa’s sleigh photo op. I don’t know if we DID anything once dressed like that or if I just made the outfits and had the picture taken, but there ya go.