Went to Bandon, a bigger town, to do some immigration paperwork and lighten my wallet of €150 so they can process my GNIB card, which is basically the official permission to be here for a certain length of time. I now have a bank account, too, with €0 in it. I looked at cell phones and then bought tissues at Lidl, basically a German Aldi (though apparently there is regular Aldi here too). Then my relocation agent drove me to Cork, a big city (but not really more populous than South Bend/Fort Wayne type cities) about thirty minutes north. I had flown into Cork last weekend but never saw the city since the airport is south of it. Anyway, I finally saw a McDonald’s and a Burger King in the shopping districts but no other fast food places and none that were standalone/drive-thrus at all. We stopped at a Bed Bath & Beyond type place and then Argos, which is like Service Merchandise but without the examples of all the stuff you can buy–it’s all catalog based and then it shows up from a conveyor a few minutes after you pay. I picked up bedding so I can sleep in my new house on Friday night. I’ll have to go back out shopping for dishes and such but at least I have the basics and my shipping container should be delivered on Friday too.

Bandon had crocuses! I miss watching for things budding in my yard at home.

I kept hearing how green everything would be here. IT’S NOT. But apparently that’s because they had their driest winter in 40 years or something like that. Right now it’s very brown in most places and I’m looking for spring.

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