St. Patrick’s Day parade

I had no alcohol, sorry. I drove up to Cork and took the Park-n-Ride (€5 to park on the way and take the double-decker bus into the center of the city: avoid crazy city parking, save money, help the environment!) to see the parade.

Fota Wildlife Park

bunch of pirate kids

more than meets the eye

some kind of smoking dragon alligator thing following a Captain Hook type guy, out of the picture (I think this is a play on a movie I didn’t see but I’m vaguely aware of… Disney?)

Not really sure what’s going on with these guys!

The parade wasn’t very high energy in places, but there was a ton of people. I kept getting crowded by kids sneaking in front of me, which was fine except for the one too tall to see over! But his name was Paddy so it seemed appropriate.

huh huh… Doody.

While we’re on the subject, this is hilarious!

1 thought on “St. Patrick’s Day parade

  1. Wow, after watching that commercial, I love Butt Drugs, too. With a name that bad, they have to do a great job, or they would never stay in business.

    Add in the Doody sign and you have essentially become a 12 year old boy, at least in the humor department.

    If you still have that old recording, you could post that wonderful collection of burps and bubbles produced by Matt when he was 13 and really round out this post.

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