hm… yummy…

A few pictures from around the Kinsale area last week

I don’t know what a twister cake is but the thoughtful comment at the end made me laugh. Is that like MMM yummy, or do you have to consider the snack before knowing if it’s yummy?

Streets of Kinsale. I’m glad I don’t live on those steps.

WTH is Morticia the weather lady wearing? Sleeveless patent leather and a dead thing stole?

2 thoughts on “hm… yummy…

  1. Wow, that weather woman is a bit intense. I bet even Jim Cantore would be afraid of her and that dude is nuts.

    Ed, I will get your box out this week. I am sending you a little bit of love from New Mexico. I would send you a dog, but just like the refrigeratable cake your mom sent us that ended up being thrown out, I imagine a hound would arrive more than a bit worse for wear after such an experience.

    I can send you a really nice fur ball I found when I swept under my bed. If you drink a bottle of wine and then squint, it might meet your animal needs.

  2. I don’t know who dresses any of the news people (especially the women!) in this country. I often find myself thinking, “that’s not work appropriate!”

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