Castles and forts worth repeating

Earlier this month, David and I and our friend Kathleen trekked out to Kerry for a Skellig Michael experience. That part will be in a later post, but while we were out there along the Ring of Kerry (my third time on at least part of it!), we stayed and saw a few things in the Caherciveen area, a town on the northern part of the Iveragh Peninsula.

1. I made a wrong turn heading to Portmagee and Valentia Island, but we saw a double rainbow out there!
2-4. Ballycarberry Castle is the best ‘ruined’ castle I’ve found. Mom and Margel and I visited it in June (and I haven’t posted those pictures yet!), and it was just as abandoned and crumbly this time but the greenery had been cleared (or trampled) so it was more accessible. This time we climbed way up inside it. Most castles in this condition have been blocked for safety, but this one is explorable. David and Kathleen are in #3 and I’m in #4 testing the 16th century construction.
5-6. Cahergall stone fort is across a couple fields from the castle. Part of this has been reconstructed, and the stairs are built into the interior wall. Some tourists showed up and ripped a HUGE fart. That’s my story about this fort. “It is likely that somebody of importance lived here about 1,000 years ago,” per the sign.
7. We shared the path to the next fort with several cows.
8. Leacanabuile stone fort from the 9th or 10th century is a hill away from the first one, perhaps the mother-in-law fort? I had been to this one in June too. No farting Europeans this time.
9. David and Kathleen evaluate the menu at a pub in Caherciveen.
10. This Off Licence (liquor store or ‘offie’) is also an art gallery.
11. On the way home through Killorglin, I snapped a picture of King Puck the goat.

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