Off to Offaly for Amy and Emmy

We brought home Emmy a few days ago!

She came from Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary in County Offaly. David and I visited a few weeks ago and we went back with Walter this weekend to see who he liked. Turns out he didn’t care too much so we got to pick!

More info on Emmy’s page at rescue website

She is a bit shy but definitely has a silly side showing. She has claimed the honking octopus toy and carries it to whichever bed she decides to use–often hogging most of the couch! She likes David best and performs well as a footwarmer under his desk. Walter and Emmy are pretty much ignoring each other (which beats fighting) and I hope they will play together as they get to know each other. She will be three (two? trying to figure out this tattoo registry stuff) on December 1 and supposedly was given the racing name Coolarne Chancer, though I don’t think she ever raced. David keeps trying to call her Coolio but I have to put an end to that. While Emmy is a cute name, it’s awfully close to my own! Not sure if we’ll keep it.

After the first day she’s following me around too so at least she doesn’t only like David. She is a very sweet dog.

I felt it was time to have a new friend for Walter, but Casper’s ghost stays close in my mind. That made it hard to bring home Emmy. I’m sure we’ll develop a lovely relationship but I feel like I’m betraying “my” dog a little right now. Maybe Emmy honking the octopus is channeling when Casper played with it too.

6 thoughts on “Off to Offaly for Amy and Emmy

  1. Andrea, Maddux and I are so excited about the new greyhound in the family. Maddux can’t wait to meet his new cousin. Yesterday I asked him, “Maddux, if you’re excited about your new greyhound cousin, just lay there on the couch some more.” I believe you know how he responded.

    You aren’t “betraying” Casper. She would be so happy to know that another wonderful puppy will share her tremendously dedicated and loving Mom and Dad. She knows no one will ever replace her.

    I’m biased, but I think greyhounds are pretty much the sweetest breed there is. I hope Emmy proves that to be true. Maddux, and every greyhound I know, just want to be cuddled and loved 24-7. It’s very cool.

  2. Sorry, County Offaly is just the Anglicized version of Contae Uíbh Fhailí, named after the of Kingdom of Uí Failghe. (Thanks Wikipedia!) But I think it’s one of the best county names!

  3. Amy…I won’t bother to pretend to put this politely because if I did you would know I was lying. GREYHOUND!!!!! Did you not get the memo! You DO know what it is that greyhounds think they are chasing when they are running their fool tails off, right! I’m no spring bunny anymore and this whole greyhound thing is VERY disturbing. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! – Arliss

    Amy and David, Congrats on the arrival of Emmy. I’m sure Arliss will have her whipped into shape in no time once you are all back in the States. Arliss had Eleanor under her paw in a matter of seconds following their first meeting and has paid not one iota of attention to Eleanor since then. Clover will be afraid of Emmy but he’s afraid of most things so no surprise there. I’m sure Arliss will encourage him to have a little more backbone now that they are a couple. – Pamela

  4. Arliss: I am bringing home this dog purely as a challenge for you. I know you get bored and need some stimulation. Besides, we need somebunny to get this lazy dog off the couch!

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