Clover is feeling better

I went on vacation last week (hooray sunshine) and Clover and Arliss’ former staff took charge of the dynamic duo. Arliss apparently held audience with several worshippers. Clover continued his healing, and he had a checkup with a vet in the Cincy area. (Note: Arliss charged the clinic cat and put him in his place.) The vet said she thought Clover had been bitten by a brown recluse spider, based on having seen similar wounds in a couple of small, fat dogs. She thought his extra fat may have protected his organs and saved him.

The wound is healing extremely well, especially along the bottom. The top margin still has some pus forming but my vet saw him again today and said he’s doing excellent and decided not to surgically repair anything after all.

Pic from Oct 23:

I’m not sure my vet thinks it was a brown recluse, but in any case I saw a sudden influx of brown spiders in our crawlspace/finished basement area around the time Clover became ill. Now that we were on the hunt for what might have hurt him, we put out some glue traps and I found a couple dead spiders to examine:


It’s now looking like it’s a wolf spider, which is great in that it’s not an infestation of brown recluses (!), but that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games because 1. we’re still not sure what injured Clover and there could still be a renegade creature in the house, and 2. wolf spiders aren’t a whole lot better. The ones I’ve seen haven’t been big or hairy, so I didn’t consider that’s what they were. Except… they’re probably all babies and look out when the rest of them grow up. UGHHHH. Also, apparently they bite and are poisonous too… maybe not so bad for humans, but certainly a problem for a little bunny.

Side note: David placed spider glue traps in the bunny area while the bunnies and I were gone, and when I brought them home, Clover promptly got stuck in the trap. Olive oil works great to free bunnies from glue traps, in case you wondered.

So I guess it’s time to call an exterminator. I hesitated when we thought it might be brown recluses, because I read that when you spray you just kill their food and then they become more aggressive! But if it’s truly an infestation we have to do something. And it better be before any wolf spiders grow up to full, hairy size. I remember them from camp when I was a kid and OH MY GOD you may as well let a thousand tarantulas loose in my house.

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