Clover, post surgical excision (don’t look if you have a weak stomach)

As described earlier, Clover had a big cleanup of his huge abscess at the vet on Monday. I don’t know WHY he’s doing so well, but he’s (mostly) eating and seems to be pretty comfortable. He and Arliss came home yesterday. He’s on penicillin injections and I need to clean the belly area daily, but otherwise we just wait and see and let him heal. It seems like he should be in shock or dead to look at this, but the vet (and let me give a shout out here to her, Angela Lennox of Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic in NW Indy) says the nerve endings at the periphery died off when the tissue necrotized, so he doesn’t seem to notice all this drama. He is messing with the drain a little bit (the tubing that holds open the hole near his elbow) but we’ll be removing that soon.

Barring more pus forming, we can either let all this granulate in over the next several weeks, or go in after a week or so to surgically help it along with the loose skin he has after losing some weight. It’s likely to need surgical help to encourage it to heal anyway where the edges are not well connected. For now, let’s hope he continues to feel good and eat well and be a good patient.

He’s not even on pain meds right now! But he’s been squinting his eyes a bit, so I think I’m going to put him back on an NSAID for discomfort.

This is how it looked yesterday when I picked him up at the vet:

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