Myrtle Beach

Went on vacation a couple weeks ago with my mom and Emmy. Emmy likes hotel beds and condo couches just fine. I got a sunburn.

I’m also putting my name on the NaBloPoMo list again, though it’s a shadow of its former self with a new hosting location and no categories and prizes that, well, seem more promotional for authors (blogs over books! this month at least) than community-donated. I need some way to weed out total vapidity, and being on BlogHer doesn’t really excite me in the first place. In years past I enjoyed finding other blogs by writers who shared my Myers-Briggs type or took pictures of the contents of their refrigerators. Anyway, I don’t have as much time to read the webz anymore but hopefully it’ll get me to post more often this month. November starts a depressing winter season so I need something to look forward to! I will try not to rant about work every day.

Note: Emmy fell down the back steps yesterday and re-injured her leg that just had us at the emergency vet last weekend. Well, all her legs this time. She’s trotting about normally now but her collection of bloody cuts and bruises has increased significantly. She is kind of like a giraffe: leggy, awkward, and not meant to use stairs.

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