I spent all my money to go to the UK...

The Queen of England


That is a picture I actually took of the Queen of England in her carriage as she paraded down, or rather up, the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I realize you can't make out her features but I swear it's her.  There were also other carriages and cars and bagpipers in the parade.  I apologize for the picture quality but my little cheap camera and Liz and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  We felt pretty lucky, even if the whole royalty thing is a little silly.

Speaking of my camera, a guy on the subway stole it out of my bag but I demanded it back and during his escape he got stuck in the closing subway doors.  Then Liz broke the camera in France I think.  At least I got the pictures.  The camera wasn't meant to make it home to America.

Liz and Amy meet, despite a missed ferry and a late plane...  The first thing I saw in Heathrow was a sign wishing me a happy 4th of July and a Baskin Robbins.  I secured expensive but clean hostel lodgings and did find Liz in Liverpool Street Station.  From that point on we pretended to know what we were doing on the Tube.  I was annoyed that there weren't any trash cans in any public places.  We asked a custodian about this and it was confirmed there are too many bombs to worry about litter.

All of these pictures came from my camera, so if you represent the London Tourist Board or something along those lines, don't try to sue me or close my page, etc.  I don't have any money anyway and I can find server space anywhere.

Liz, thanks for putting up with me on Loch Ness and everywhere else.  Sorry about that rat trap hostel we stayed in the last night....


bridge.jpg (19471 bytes) London Bridge, except I think they call it something else
beefeter.jpg (15637 bytes) Liz and I and a Beefeater at the Tower of London
lizhorse.jpg (13869 bytes) Liz likes horses, especially the ones that belong to the Queen's Life Guard
fountliz.jpg (19096 bytes) Liz and I in Trafalgar Square
victoria.jpg (17256 bytes) Statue to Queen Victoria outside of Buckingham Palace
Pulteney Bridge.  The street on the bridge has buildings on each side so you can't tell you're on a bridge at all. pulteney.jpg (11566 bytes)
The Roman Baths.  This was a really neat place. bath.jpg (12137 bytes)
peacock.jpg (26606 bytes) Liz and I in the Peacock Garden.  Everyone laughed at me when I said there were real peacocks here, but all we saw were hedges trimmed to look like them.  Right when I felt stupid a real peacock wandered past.
warwick.jpg (17440 bytes) Warwick Castle.   There sure are a lot of castles to see in the UK.  This one had a torture chamber.  The boots with spikes looked most painful.
The River Avon.  People were boating here.  We saw Shakespeare's home and also Othello at the Royal Shakespeare Theater. avon.jpg (13470 bytes)
scot1.jpg (12758 bytes) Driving into the highlands
scot2.jpg (18288 bytes) I think this guy made a lot of money that day
pub.jpg (12767 bytes) Liz and I went on a "literary pub crawl" in Edinburgh.  I think this was one of our favorite parts of the trip.
loch2.jpg (9437 bytes) Loch Ness from the boat
Windsor Castle
Liz made sure I got a picture of the Beefeaters marching.  We missed the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace but made up for it by seeing the Queen herself. march.jpg (15578 bytes)



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