hm… yummy…

A few pictures from around the Kinsale area last week

I don’t know what a twister cake is but the thoughtful comment at the end made me laugh. Is that like MMM yummy, or do you have to consider the snack before knowing if it’s yummy?

Streets of Kinsale. I’m glad I don’t live on those steps.

WTH is Morticia the weather lady wearing? Sleeveless patent leather and a dead thing stole?

St. Patrick’s Day parade

I had no alcohol, sorry. I drove up to Cork and took the Park-n-Ride (€5 to park on the way and take the double-decker bus into the center of the city: avoid crazy city parking, save money, help the environment!) to see the parade.

Fota Wildlife Park

bunch of pirate kids

more than meets the eye

some kind of smoking dragon alligator thing following a Captain Hook type guy, out of the picture (I think this is a play on a movie I didn’t see but I’m vaguely aware of… Disney?)

Not really sure what’s going on with these guys!

The parade wasn’t very high energy in places, but there was a ton of people. I kept getting crowded by kids sneaking in front of me, which was fine except for the one too tall to see over! But his name was Paddy so it seemed appropriate.

huh huh… Doody.

While we’re on the subject, this is hilarious!

Arliss takes over the world

I’ve had a really trying day attempting to book flights and receive documents and fill out even more forms, but this makes up for it:

Arliss has her own blog! Yes, that’s right, I kicked her to the curb while I went on a European adventure for a year and she has already taken over her foster home’s computer to complain about it. I guess she got an even bigger head when she became a famous Disapproving Rabbit.

Please visit Arliss and I’ll try to let y’all know when she posts a new rant. Those are the only kinds of posts she will be publishing, I’m sure.

It’s just my llama and me

I’m anxious about a dentist appointment today, since I have a tooth root area that feels way funny and I don’t think I have the psychological stamina (nor the excellent insurance) to go through any more fancy dental work. Plus I think I had a root canal on this one anyway so I’m not sure what the problem could be that isn’t really bad! I remembered one of my favorite Sesame Street clips, though, which makes me feel better:

I just called an automated prescription refill line for my mail-in pharmacy benefit. I’ve called this line for refills many times, and while the voice actuated ordering is really annoying, usually it’s quick and, oh, automatic. So I went through the whole automated refill process, including confirming my address (which it knew) and my credit card, confirmed I didn’t want any other refills, and then it said it was connecting my call and I was on hold for ten minutes. What?? Usually they confirm immediately and ship without me talking to a CSR. This must be the cost savings from the mail-in pharmacy selling their operations to someone else. Awesome! When the CSR answered, she asked me all the same questions again, and I asked, “Why am I talking to you?”

Yesterday we held a family party for my grandparents’ 60th anniversary! It was nice to rehash the old stories. Grandma wrote Grandpa a letter which recounted how he’s not often outwardly affectionate, and gave an example of her tough day home with the kids when he came home and didn’t reassure her as much as she would have liked. She asked if he loved her, and he said, “I come home every night, don’t I?” Somehow this seemed very sweet given my gentle grandfather’s nature.


2009 Pub Crawl

We attended the eastside pub crawl again this year, which our buddy George organizes to benefit NESCO. We scrambled again at the last minute to create costumes, but David is a bit more last minute than I am!

(Last year’s pub crawl)

More pics from this year at Flickr

No DUI when you take the bus!

David as Dr. Horrible (watch it here), with Phil playing Max

Here we are in the showcase showdown

Mac Daddy (Stephen), Andrea as police woman, Phil again, and organizer George as Little Edie Beale

Ziggy Stardust (Don) wants to bid on the showcase

I would like to point out that my outfit was fun farts & craps time and only cost $10 in materials. The fonts used in my bid and prize are the actual fonts used on the show! Amazing what the internet holds.

David had to repaint his rubber boots ten minutes before we left because the previous coat flaked off in our kitchen.