Vegetarian haggis

Well, I had to try it just because it was there. I’ve never had real haggis so I don’t know how it compares, but it was very seasoned and very comfort food-y. You can try your own (or the real version) at MacNiven’s on Mass Ave in Indy. Sorry for the dim camera phone picture. Unlike a European establishment, they WILL kick you out when you finish eating and other people want a table.

Vegetarian Haggis, Neeps & Tatties
Kidney beans, lentils, mushrooms, onions, neeps, peanuts, almonds, walnuts & oats make up this version, served with mashed potatoes & sweet neeps.

They don’t seem to have a real web page with menu (and prices are dated based on what I paid) but if you want to go to their myspace page with annoying autoplay music, be my guest.

This week I also tried the new Siam Square in Fountain Square. They have lots of veggie options! We had spring rolls, veggie tempura, eggplant chicken (but w/tofu), red curry, and coconut chicken soup (again subbing tofu). The appetizers were just good but the soup and main dishes were worth coming back. The ambiance was weird since we were in the overflow upstairs seating, but overall it’s a hip casual vibe and it was crowded on a Saturday evening. The downer for me was when the server guy threw a glass beer bottle in the trash. It’s not like those are hard to recycle.

One wonders if these guys really have no Ns when they obviously have three Vs.

Coming soon: I saw the BEST giant sign typo tonight! I have to go back for a picture later. I know you’re on the edge of your office chairs.

Also: It’s COLD!
Hey, how cold is it?
It’s so cold we had dinner with a bunch of Canadians tonight and THEY thought it was way too cold!
Meanwhile I didn’t know they said pasta as (living-in-the-)pas-tuh.

I can see the outdoors!

I have been a trailer denizen for the last three years. Yes, even Fortune 500 companies make their employees work in trailers sometimes. The lease is up and they decided to drive away all the doublewides, so I’ve been relocated to a recently remodeled office area that has WINDOWS. Not like the window in my trailer cubicle which looked into the window of the cubicle in the doublewide right next to mine, but one where I can see SNOW today. Most of the window in my cube is blocked by the cube wall itself (great space planning, folks), but overall it’s a lovely place to while away my career and watch my 401k erode. Unfortunately this office and lab is scheduled to move to another building next year and I’ll probably move with them, and I probably won’t have such a tantalizing window then. But for two months I shall savor my awesome office!

Of course now my office’s regular bathroom is that one everyone in the building uses to take a crap.

The fabric walls here are a lovely stain-hiding gray pattern, much better than the brownish yellow trailer walls even Dwight Schrute wouldn’t have bought a shirt in. The real walls here are a calming sage green and there is a cold air return shshshshshshshshing away nearby to white-noise my neighbors. My drawers lock with eight copies of my keys. The desk actually fits me–who wants my massaging seesaw footrest thingy?

In the process of moving people out of five doublewides, a lot of office-y mess is left behind. My heart broke to see all the binders and inboxes in the trash bins after we left, so I found a cart and salvaged a couple loads of perfectly useful office supplies and put them in the–you guessed it–supply area! I also took home eight copy boxes of decorations and a six foot Christmas tree which was going to be trashed. I will Freecycle them and let the office decorations live on, spared from the landfill for now.

One glitch since moving: I can’t find my pens.

The domain, or, why I hate Earthlink today

I began using a primary email address through a domain called skyenet many years ago, which I think sprang out of Michiana FreeNet (which is no more, and also wasn’t exactly free). After a few years skyenet’s domain was sold to another domain, myVine, which had crappy service, but I maintained it because many people knew that original email address. It was a hassle to get things to work since I had a different domain than most of the rest of their customers, but I became a relative expert at setting up email clients as a result. (Just try not using a Microsoft product and finding help on a tech support page.) Eventually I stopped using myVine’s dialup service and graduated to a real connection through another party, but I was able to maintain the skyenet email address for all these years for five bucks a month through myVine.

Well, around the beginning of October, I got what I thought was junk mail from Earthlink that said “Welcome to Earthlink!” on the glossy envelope. For some reason I opened it, but I thought it was yet another sales pitch with free setup CD to use their ISP (I don’t appreciate junk mail, nor free CDs, because if I wanted your service I’d sign up ONLINE.) No, it was a letter saying my new email account had been set up with them and congratulations! Apparently they bought myVine as well, so now I’m buried under yet another layer of domain sales and complication.

What drives me bonkers is that neither myVine nor Earthlink bothered to send me an email (or I guess myVine could have sent postal mail; at least I knew I was their customer) to announce this transfer of accounts. Then the myVine website disappeared, and my web email portal was also gone, so I couldn’t get email that way. My email client at home was still successfully downloading messages for awhile after that but eventually couldn’t connect to the server. Had I not opened that junk-looking mail, I’d have no idea that my domain was sold and that they didn’t just go out of business and take my money–I had a year of service paid in advance. At least I was able to get my email working again after some tech chat time, but I did lose all the mail that had been on that myVine/skyenet server (despite being assured by Earthlink it would all be there).

I believe Google is going to save the world, and I do have a gmail account now which is handling my other main email address, which is associated with my website, blog, etc. Meanwhile I had accounts for rabbit rescue forwarding to skyenet and accounts for the blog forwarding to gmail. But due to something stupid about the way our sbcglobal DSL works, I have to use just the blog server outgoing mail server, so any mail sent from home (even from skyenet when it worked) looked like it was coming from the other email account, so people hit reply and I couldn’t find their responses. And spam controls on each domain added to the hidden email messes. So, I figured I just needed to make everything go to gmail somehow and I’d be fine forever. Right? I was fine with ending my relationship with this skyenet email address since it would never get better. Just rip off the BandAid.

The problem has been extricating myself from the probably hundreds of online accounts I’ve created over the ten-plus years with the skyenet mailing address. I don’t remember them all. XM? Credit cards? School loans? Banking? Insurance? Gobs of message boards, from bunnies to bikes to diesel Volkswagens? Tons of online retailers? Surveys, blog comments, legal advice, online newspapers, photo accounts, magazine subscriptions, class reunions and alumni sites, tax prep sites, government accounts? I’ll never remember nor find them all. In the meantime I have moved and so anyone who really needed to contact me would no longer have a phone number that worked either. More recent accounts have been updated, but I’m sure there’s some old contact info in various places I’ve forgotten that might actually be important.

This sounds like a good business opportunity: pay someone to update your contact info EVERYWHERE.

I have been updating to my new, more reliable email one by one as I notice the old references, and I had planned to maintain the skyenet address long enough to catch stragglers (I was thinking a year!). But suddenly this week, after two months of it working fine in an Earthlink webmail portal: no incoming skyenet email! What a shocker.

So today I’ve been off work and I chatted with two tech support people online, who could not help me but gave me a bad phone number to call. Then I found the letter Earthlink sent when they took on my poor domain and called the phone number on that. The recording said it was help for former myVine customers! Sounded promising, but after transferring through three more tech support people on the phone, I was put on hold while they contacted a supervisor and a few minutes later the phone disconnected. (Note: using a landline; it disconnected from THEIR end.) I called back and they had no way to get me back to the last person, so I started again, put on hold again so they could consult supervisor, lovely hold music (Brandenburg concerto–I played that in middle school!) for a long time and then the hold music ended. Fifteen minutes later while I was still “connected” but had no life or sound on the line, I hung up. Note that Earthlink does indeed own the domain until mid-2010, but everyone I talked to said there was no record of that domain on my account nor on their lists of acquired domains. One person said I was supposed to just use Earthlink addresses now. HELLO, the point of this was to maintain the original domain to receive email, which this letter from Earthlink clearly states I will be able to do. If they were going to abandon an acquired domain, some notice would have given me an opportunity to do my switching faster.

I do still receive email at the Earthlink-named domain version of my not-requested new email provider (in the same webmail sessions where the old skyenet emails still appear). What do I get? Invoices! Earthlink is great at debiting my old myVine credit every month for the privilege of not getting my email.

I really think no one can figure out what’s going on because they’re just phone answerers, not anyone actually running servers and dealing with domain names. It’s just incredibly frustrating to have no where to turn and no one who can identify, let alone fix, the problem. At this point the diminishing returns are prompting me to just attempt a refund and forget the whole thing.

Total wasted time today: about three hours. Thanks to all the times on hold and a cordless phone, I did have time to take a crap, play with the dogs, buy stuff on eBay, get a package from FedEx, print a card, eat pie, read message boards, and think about what I really should be doing today.

Good thing Earthlink sent me a survey about my experience.

Eight things

A meme that’s been making the rounds, including at Chubby Mummy and Must Be Motherhood. I changed the one about things I like about autumn to my list of crap to do because while I like autumn, I really need the accountability more. And I combined the things on the wish list with the things needed/wanted because really, those seem the same, and I just don’t want that much stuff.

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch: (I don’t really love watching TV… but I like it on in the background while I do other stuff or fall asleep on the couch. Consequently I miss the end of at least 25% of what I watch. Thank goodness for TiVo.)
=> Suze Orman Show
=> Daily Show
=> The Office
=> King of the Hill
=> Breaking Bad
=> Battlestar Galactica
=> Living With Ed (has that been canceled?)
=> 30 Days (canceled?)

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
=> Shalimar (Indian)
=> Donatos carryout, especially with the $5-off-a-large online coupon!
=> Mediterrano Cafe (Middle Eastern)
=> The cafeterias at work where the chefs hook me up with hummus, vegetarian soups, tofu on the pasta bar, beans for the burritos, and other good stuff every day
=> Broad Ripple Brewpub, because at least half their stuff is vegetarian
=> Machu Picchu (Peruvian)
=> Yats (Cajun/Creole, always good veggie options)
=> Red Robin or Denny’s for great veggie burgers!

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
=> Flexed off some work hours to vote and get other stuff done
=> Bought 11 bottles of wine (I love the new boxed options, both for price and environmental/resource concerns)
=> Had Yats for dinner
=> President OBAMA!!
=> Drank too much wine and fell asleep during the acceptance speech
=> Cleaned the guinea pig cage
=> Put the soil back in my pot of mums that some creature dug out
=> Went to two meetings and didn’t get much of anything accomplished in either of them except scheduling more meetings! (Today: SAME THING)

8 Things I Look Forward To:
=> Wearing fall and winter clothes
=> Selling my house
=> Just-planted bulbs blooming in the spring
=> Marking a bunch of items off my to-do list
=> Travel
=> Visiting family
=> Bonded bunnies
=> Peace

8 Things on my To Do List:
=> Replace Jetta glow plug to get the engine light off
=> Repair Jeep flat tire
=> Take bike in for tune-up
=> Organize recipes
=> Rehome all the crap I don’t want anymore
=> Work with investment guy, make a plan
=> Administer fluids to my friends’ cat
=> Finish digging out roots and planting shrubs/bulbs

8 Things on my Wish List/Needs/Wants:
=> New office chair (ideally meeting ergonomic, non-leather, recycled, space demands!)
=> A clean house
=> Yakima racks on the car (purchased, just not yet installed)
=> Co-op membership
=> New pants for work
=> New cell battery
=> Better time mgmt/less procrastination (or just learning to deal with that aspect of myself)
=> More sleep

8 Things I’m Passionate About:
=> Animal welfare
=> Hunger/homelessness
=> GLBT rights
=> Peace
=> Grammar/spelling!
=> Lessening my environmental impact; sustainability
=> Adopting, not breeding, pets
=> Leading by example

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
=> What the heck
=> Nice driving, *sshole
=> Are you huuuuuungry?
=> Casper, shut up.
=> Did you just fart?
=> That can be recycled.
=> You can’t do that!
=> Your mom

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See or Visit:
=> Iceland
=> Thailand
=> Vancouver
=> Montreal (or was it Toronto?)
=> The Grand Canyon
=> Farm Sanctuary
=> Best Friends
=> Tropical beach

8 Things I Have Learned From My Past:
=> Don’t mouth off to people in charge
=> Don’t date anyone at work
=> People are generally good
=> Everyone is equal and deserving of respect
=> Eat dinner as a family (and cook it at home)
=> Go to college. It’s worth it for the experience, the pride/sense of accomplishment, and the extra income! Then push yourself to learn more
=> Work really hard. It impresses people and gives you a leg to stand on when you do need a break
=> Listen to your dentist

Happy Halloween

I am wearing my candy corn socks! But I turned off the automatic porch light because we aren’t giving out candy. I guess that makes us scrooges. That’s not true; we just don’t like kids much. 😀

The weather is nice today so I rode the bike to work, but managed to lose a nut and bolt on part of a pedal (shops guys at work hooked me up) and my bike computer flew off somewhere. Now I don’t know how fast I’m going, what time it is, or how far I’ve gone! I’m also out $55. I have another one but I’m hoping I’ll magically find the lost one on the way home today. I also broke the shower when I got to the locker room.

Something cute I found while clicking around: Tofu for Obama

This ties in nicely because I was reading a Mallard Fillmore comic last night where kids were complaining about trick-or-treating at houses with Obama signs (we have one) because they gave out tofu (ate it for lunch), baby greens (also had it in my lunch), and CFLs (got some of those too). Gotta be able to laugh at yourself. But I wouldn’t give out markers and Dentyne like that too-responsible lady in our neighborhood did when we were kids.

Coming very soon:

Indianapolis QOL!

A couple of exciting announcements in the last several days: Indy is looking to be bike-friendly and environmentally sustainable! I received these press releases through various email lists.

Indy Bikeways

Important Bicycling Announcement by Mayor Ballard on Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008, 9:30am

Mayor Ballard will soon have a press conference where he will announce his intention to make Indianapolis a bicycle friendly city and endorse the 4-phase bike lane plan for the City of Indianapolis. This plan, currently dubbed Indy Bikeways, will provide over 200 miles of bike lanes in Marion County over the next 15 years.

We want to make sure that as many cyclists as possible come to this event to show our support for the Indy Bikeways Plan! This is the best way to say thanks to Mayor Ballard for this endorsement and to assure him this is a popular decision among his constituents. His announcement will occur on Wednesday, Oct 15th at 9:30 am and will be held in the triangular park formed by the intersection of Mass Ave and Michigan Street (just north across the street from the Athenaeum). His announcement coincides with the start of the bike lane striping for New York and Michigan Streets. This project, along with the bike lanes on Allisonville Road, represents Phase 1 of the Indy Bikeways Plan.

I’m going to try to make it to the bike announcement, though it is during work hours. Gotta flex the schedule a bit.

Environmental Sustainability Initiative


INDIANAPOLIS – The City of Indianapolis will join several leaders of the environmental community to announce the City’s aggressive new greening plan and sustainability initiative.

What: Press conference to announce new sustainability initiative

Who: Mayor Greg Ballard

When: Friday, October 10, 2008

Where: City Market Courtyard
222 E. Market Street

Mayor Ballard recognizes that environmental sustainability is a key strategy to make sure that Indianapolis continues to be competitive in a changing world. Cities that are successful in addressing these matters have found that they can:

* Deliver long-term cost savings
* Build the local economy
* Improve community quality of life
* Enhance the local environment and public health

These objectives support The Ballard Rules, and specifically further three key Mayoral priorities: taxpayer cost-savings, community economic development, and improving neighborhood quality of life.

This one is quite lofty and vague, but you have to recognize the merit of the idea before you can get anywhere with it, so I choose to think positively!

In related news, I toured Republic’s Montcalm St. recycling facility a couple of weeks ago through arrangements from a group at work. They process 100 tons of recyclable material daily, and plan to build a new facility that will handle ten times that much! It’s a very loud, thankless operation, and I am glad the workers are willing to do such a hard job. Some general info here and a pdf with facts and figures here. Things I learned:

    I’ve been taking my #3-7 plastics to IRF on West St. Apparently Republic is now picking up this stuff from IRF, so I may as well put it in with my #1-2. The #3-7 is harder to process but at this time they are able to set it aside and get it to a facility that will take it. One of the biggest issues with these plastics is getting them clean, since they often have food residue (yogurt, butter) remaining.
    Republic can take some phonebooks after all, just not a lot.
    Indianapolis residents using Republic’s curbside recycling service will soon be getting big wheeled toters for their recycling instead of the small bins. They will be picked up biweekly with automated trucks, which saves on trucks/drivers/gas/emissions. And they will take cardboard! That’ll save me another trip to the cardboard satellite dumpsters.
    Downstream (at other facilities) the machinery can accept plastic bottles with lids still on, but if you send in your water bottles with water still in them, the Republic folks have to hand open and empty them! Don’t send partially-full bottles please.
    The new facility will have sorting machines to segregate colored plastics from colorless, which can be sold at different (higher) prices, and there are also machines that can visually sort different colors of glass.
    Don’t segregate your recyclables in plastic bags. They have to be hand-opened or the bags clog up the machinery.

The facility operates with a series of conveyor belts. Items pass along conveyors with shakers (to shake out loose broken glass and prevent injuries to workers), then past an inspection line of workers who pull out trash and odd items (we saw them removing a metal porch railing from the belt). Then the belt goes under a big rotating magnet that pulls out the steel items. Next a blower sends all the lightweight stuff (plastic bottles, aluminum cans) up one way and the heavier items (like glass) go down another belt. The huge cage of lightweight items separates cans from bottles somehow (weight again? charge? I forget), and then workers have to manually separate the #1 and #2 plastics to different streams. In the end they have big piles of each type of recyclable. Items like foil are recycled separately from cans, and big heavy plastics like kitty litter containers are separate from water bottles. Some items have to be paid to be taken away; it’s not all profitable, but it does keep 100 tons of waste out of landfills daily. They bale each type of item and ship to processing facilities, some in the Chicago area, but overall they try to use Indiana facilities as much as possible. They do all this with about 65 employees on 2.5 shifts. It’s loud, smelly, non-climate-controlled work. At one point bits of broken glass rained on our heads as we walked through the plant.

Even with limitations on what actually makes money (and it’s no joke we pay a fair amount each month for the curbside service), the facility is able to recycle 93+% of what comes in the door. Think of all the trash people include in their recycling–I found this number impressive. They even set aside those weird items like porch railings that never should have been in the recycling dumpsters in the first place, getting them to the metals recyclers that can handle the material.

Keep on saving the planet! Perhaps we should work on reducing, since we seem to understand the recycling part?

The good, the bad, and the random

The Good:
It’s World Vegetarian Day!

Be nice to your animal friends and the earth today by skipping meat in your meal. It’s good for you, too! (Missed it October 1? Don’t worry… we’re observing all month.)

The Bad:
James McMurtry sings this excellent song. The Bad is the truth it spells about our country, but I care so much that I vote.

The Random:
Why does Tom Bosley keep sending me spam?

Those pants are unfortunate.

IndyParks survey!

Indianapolis residents and park users, here’s your chance to tell the folks in charge what YOU want from your parks and greenways! Think we need more benches? Connect the multi-user trails? Bike lanes? Better bathrooms? An idea no one else has mentioned yet? PLEASE make your voice heard.

Imagine easily accessible, safe trails to get around the city, do your grocery shopping, go to school or work… get yourself healthy and cars off the road! Maybe you just want doggie pick-up bags at the park where you take your pet. Maybe your local trail is too crowded. Please let them know what is important to you. The longtime director of the park system is leaving so the change in command is a great opportunity to start fresh or reevaluate how we’re doing things in Indianapolis. We have the potential for a great greenway system, but it’s not quite there yet!

Click here to fill out the IndyParks Survey
Deadline: Friday, October 3

The old bike and the first job

Somehow this has turned into one of the longest posts ever. It’s compelling so I dare you to read it! Maybe it’s only compelling if you grew up on bikes in the eighties.

I’ve been looking around for another bike, and some of the older ones on Craigslist reminded me of the bike I used in the eighties.

My parents bought this Huffy Sea Pines bike at KMart in about 1978 for around $60 (information gathered from Dad’s memory and online, including the picture! I love the internet). It was stolen from their garage (in INDIANA, take note) by the druggie neighbor, then found by the police in FLORIDA and returned! I then used it as my paper route delivery vehicle. It had big wire baskets on the rear and I also wore double shoulder bags of papers. I’m not sure why this big clunky bike seemed like a good idea to get up and down driveways and front porch walks (walking makes more sense now), but I do remember pitching the papers to the porches, and how I had to buy my own rubberbands and plastic bags from the Tribune, so even back then I was conserving the use of these items to save myself money. Most days the paper was thin enough that I could fold it into itself and use no rubberband at all. I cringe now every time I get a paper in a plastic bag on my covered front porch, delivered from an idling gas guzzler… I bet I’m the only person recycling those bags.

On Sundays, my wonderful father would get up and help me deliver the big heavy paper with the minivan. Part of this was because I was not (and still AM NOT) a morning person, but many of my customers liked reading their paper early! During the week the paper was afternoon delivery, so I did it after school. The Sunday paper had to be assembled from the parts that arrived on Sunday morning and the parts delivered a couple days before that which had all the ads and comics.

I had to purchase the papers from the Tribune and then my income was based on the collections door-to-door from the customers in my neighborhood. A few people paid by mail, but mostly I had to knock on the door and make change and all that. One time I apparently misplaced my cigar box of checks for a few months and wondered why people started asking me about them not clearing the bank. I also found an old ring of their pay stubs recently! There were always a few houses (I thought of the houses as the paper receiver, not the people in them) who wanted me to come back later because they didn’t have enough money. It seemed a bit crazy that they ordered a paper and wouldn’t pay an eleven year old for it, but the entire experience was great education in money matters. I also remember the dogs on my route, like Ziggy the chow who I was warned not to pet when I waited for my money, and Max and Heidi, miniature Schnauzers, who ran out to my bike all the time. Max bit me on the calf and died a week later when he was struck by a car!

Tribune tangent: great opinion piece there today on biking in the real world, and my brother actually writes for their monthly publication now, too! Would you believe this month’s article is on his new bike? Check out the third page from the end in the pdf until I get a chance to scan or something.

The Ford Taurus was a brand new model in 1986 and someone on my route had this cool new car! It was so curvy in shape, so different than all the other cars at that time. Well, I ran into one with my bike while crossing the highway that divided my route from three papers–a house that always seemed abandoned, a real estate office, and the Elks Lodge. No one was injured, and I was all worried that the lady driving it (my customer) would be mad at me for hitting her as she waited to turn left into our subdivision, but she just asked if I were ok! (Note: this more formal/correct use of “were” also tolerates the informal “was” but I have readers who care about these things so I’m forcing the issue and pointing out that I looked it up. And yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition.)

The only headline I remember from my delivery days was the stock market crash in 1987.

My dad ran into one of my old customers (near “the H house,” which had a giant H for Henderson hanging on the outside) the other day while walking his dog. He remembered me!

I upgraded to a ten speed in boarding school, which was also stolen. The Muncie police got THAT back too after they found it in a garage full of stolen bikes a few months later. This demonstrates that you should always file a police report!

My current bike has been in the shop for a few days, a bummer since the weather is so nice right now. Meanwhile I’ve been looking around for another style of bike that would be a bit zippier. I’m really torn because I hate to purchase something new and waste those energy/manufacturing/monetary resources when there are used bikes available, but the features I’m looking for are not showing up on used bikes in my size. Anyone have a 53ish cm cyclocross bike they want to sell? Meanwhile when you factor in depreciation and a strong possibility of theft, spending a grand on a new bike seems silly. But would I buy one used unless it met my new, current needs? Probably not.

I even went to a pawn shop yesterday (largely out of general curiosity) and marveled at all the (stolen) tools and space heaters and stereo components. If you need a random socket, I can tell you where to find buckets of them. I won’t get into whether pawn shops prey on their neighborhoods and promote a criminal lifestyle, but with only one bike there, I cringe to think of all the bikes that are stolen now and just end up at the metals recycling facilities. What a waste. You know that’s what’s happening when thieves will even steal your aluminum downspouts (happened to ours a few months ago).

I can’t end my post on that sad note, so I’ll mention my Flower Girl banana bike, purchased for me in blue so my brother could have it later! My parents removed the flower stickers for him. And I’m not sure which bike it was (probably the Huffy), but I used to take my guinea pig Frisky for rides around the neighborhood in the front basket, a plastic one with big flowers on it.

Ten bucks says my brother will leave a comment about how I beat him up with my newspaper route.

Exciting news in the world of dryer sheets

My lost dryer sheets are back! They just changed clothes. Now they’re called Simplicity, but they’re still cheap, sold where I get other groceries, biodegradable, and not tested on animals. Now I don’t have to ration that same box I’ve been using for months. I found them in unscented and lavender.

I recently installed Office 2007 on my new computer, which is running XP. The background color in Excel (and I guess all Office programs) is a medium dull gray, which would be fine, except there’s not enough contrast with the light blue gridlines in the worksheet for me to see any of them. I played around with the Excel displays and help and other than changing borders and such (which I’m not always using… I’m just dealing with a blank worksheet), I’m not finding a way to apply more contrast. There are three color schemes I can choose but they all have the same problem. Maybe I need to change my Windows theme? I’m noticing the same gray in this edit box. Hmmm.

Cool things in recycling: I was at one of the local bike shops this weekend getting cheap holiday-sale socks, and they are collecting otherwise non-recyclable energy/granola bar wrappers as part of a program that makes the wrappers into bags. In Indy, drop your wrappers at BGI North and they’ll send them in!