Donate to bunnies with online shopping and searching (no cost to you)

My name is Juju.  You can raise funds to pay my vet bills just by shopping!

My name is Juju. You can raise funds to pay my vet bills just by shopping!

Donate through online shopping at GoodShop

You may have heard of GoodSearch, where instead of using Google or other search pages you search from this one and a donation goes to the organization of your choice every time you click. They are also associated with GoodShop, which gives me more bang for the buck–a small percentage of my online purchases (and there are lots!) adds up quickly.

Anyway, GoodShop or a variation has been around for awhile. The difference here is that GoodShop actually has a ton of places you would actually shop, like AMAZON! It also includes Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Gap, eBay, iTunes, Best Buy, Crate and Barrel, NewEgg, and tons of other places. Donations seem to be around the 1% area, which vary per retailer. That may not seem like much to you, but our tiny rescue has earned $80 this year alone just from one-penny-per-click searches, so 1% coming off big holiday or just regular purchases can help us a lot!

I was able to install a toolbar on my browser so before I shop, I click on the store through that, and then I shop normally. The toolbar also alerts you to special coupon codes at that retailer! Once you pick your charity it remembers it for you. You have to go through the site/toolbar before shopping on the retailer’s site or your shopping donation won’t register, though I’ve noted the Amazon visits I make sometimes remember how I got there earlier. Anyway, the toolbar handily lights up as bright yellow when the donation is in effect, reminding me what I’m doing and also letting me know if it’s not working! (Another tip: if you are shopping and have stuff in your cart and realize you forgot to go through GoodShop first, you can generally go to the GoodShop link/toolbar, click to your retailer, and it will still have your stuff in the cart for checkout!)

There are thousands of organizations on GoodShop (the same ones on GoodSearch), so help out your favorite charity when you do your online shopping!

Note: the links in this page are prepopulated with our nonprofit, Indiana House Rabbit Society. If you click from links here and then shop (or search), you’ll automatically help our bunnies. But you can also switch to a different charity once you’re at the page if there is someone else you prefer to support!

Donate through online searches at GoodSearch

Donate through online shopping at GoodShop

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