Costly choppers

I had another dentist appointment yesterday to plan the attack.  I need about $18K in dental work.  I have at least three oral surgeries planned before the end of the year, and then I need a crapload of crowns.  The surgeries involve a “voluntaryâ€? root canal (hooray) and crown lengthening procedures.  That’s where they cut away your gums to expose more of the tooth root.

All of this is because I drank Coke my whole life and had a grinding problem.  I have eaten away a lot of my teeth.  Dentures, you might ask?  Is it ever worth $18K to repair your teeth?  Well, at only 30 years old, that’s a lot of years of dentures ahead of me.  Apparently they are not a good answer for me at all.  I don’t really want them, and I guess it’s lucky that I have good insurance.  But good grief.  Why can’t my teeth grow all the time like my rabbits’ teeth do?

The worst part of all this is that I had to give up Coke.  I have been forbidden from all carbonated beverages forever.  I cheated a little, but I’ve only had four Cokes since Memorial Day (when I got this bad news).  I still crave McDonald’s Coke.  What with giving up that and also meat, though, it sure is easier to avoid drive-thrus!  I still crave their french fries…

I’m actually seeing faculty members of the IU dental school for all this work.  I figured I better go to the experts if I need this much done.

2 thoughts on “Costly choppers

  1. hi ho!

    I just stumbled upon your blog because of the gas-website. You are not alone in the dental disaster that is your mouth! I feel your pain. Im currently healing up from a pulled tooth 2 weeks ago and a popped crown a few days ago. they will be pulling the crown off and putting in a bridge though next month. Im even going to the IU dental school. I had *alot* of work done there 5 yeats ago when I super good insurance and not im having the rest done bit by bit. it wont be 18K worht of work—but it will eventually be like 8K. all because of pop and candy. at any rate—i feel for you—the root lengthing proceedure blows—I had that done and ate apple sauce and cottage cheese for weeks. not to mention the ass flavoured anti bacteria rinse they give you. I also have a weirdos not leaving me alone problem. no so much at the gas station rather than just like walmart or something. at any rate—nice blog 🙂

  2. I go to the dental school too (the faculty, not the students). Agreed on the rinse flavor! I’ve decided the crap they put in the gums to absorb swelling and moisture tastes WAY worse, though.

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