Good deed week

I’m very excited about a new fundraiser for our rabbit rescue.  It’s actually something useful, which makes me not feel guilty about asking others to contribute.  It doesn’t even cost you anything to use!  If you perform your internet searches from this Goodsearch link, our organization earns money.  It’s the same functionality as any Yahoo! search (yes, I prefer Google too…but we really need the cash).  We earned $40 already and only rolled it out a few weeks ago.  I reiterate: it doesn’t cost you anything!!  Just bookmark the site (or install the toolbar) and use it for your online searches. 

 This week, I somehow had the chance to:

  • donate a backpack and other school supplies to a drive for needy kids in the neighborhood near work
  • link a person with a recurring “free kittens” sign with a free spay/neuter program
  • Freecycle some steel-toed boots and a light to people who needed them

Not tooting the horn, really.  I just had some good opportunities this week.

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