I like high gas prices.

Not really. But I like that prices are finally high enough to cause the average American to rethink his gas-guzzling ways. “We don’t need alternative fuels–our cars can’t use them yet and there aren’t any stations! Just drill for more oil in our own country to keep those prices cheap!” Sound familiar? Drives me insane.

If we don’t give someone the incentive to develop the fuels and plants and stations needed to provide each of us biodiesel, E85, etc, why would anyone do it? Instead we keep giving breaks to big oil, who continue to not make these developments nor increase refinery capacity (I don’t blame them–capitalism works a lot better when you squeeze the dollars out without spending more). Instead, let’s put that money into developing the infrastructure for known alternatives and in discovering/developing viable new ones (hydrogen cell?).

“But it won’t help me today! I wan’t cheaper gas for my 14-mpg SUV!” Obviously oil is not the solution. If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always gotten. Build us some options so in a few years (and many of us can use these now!) I can fill my car with biodiesel and you can fill yours with E85 and not only will Earth be happier, but we can quit being caught with our pants down in the Middle East.

In the meantime, I post local gas prices daily and benefit from others who do the same. Now I always know which station is cheapest! IndyGasPrices.com

3 thoughts on “I like high gas prices.

  1. thank you!! I am also not upset AT ALL about high gas prices. Back in college I took an environmental biology class and they told us that Americans never paid full price for the oil we consume. They told us then that in Europe gas was $3-4 a gallon. One of the German exchange students even talked about how fuel cell cars were already there and there was a fuel cell station in Munich (the only one). I think it is about time people wake up. I can understand not wanting to compromise on power and speed, but even I managed to find a fast car that gets good gas mileage (because it is a four cylinder).
    I think it is unfair to complain about our government only being in the Middle East for oil when you are driving a SUV. If you don’t accept that you are part of the problem, then we will never reach a solution!

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