I’ve been working on the drivvvvvewaaaaay….

Somehow David guilted me into helping him with his various homestead projects.  These involve turning his Irvington home into a fortress.  Yesterday I was using a pick-axe and hauling a freaking heavy landscape timber in and out of the shop.  The pick-axe thing was to save $84 in tiller rental, which I have to admit is probably worth it when you’re as cheap as I am, but still… a pick-axe??  That grass in the soon-to-be-driveway didn’t have a chance!

Then I was supposed to be on vacation today, but the appointment I made which required this time off of work was canceled, so I just slept in and went to work for half the day.  Meanwhile my neighbor started getting a new roof at 7 a.m. and that didn’t help the sleeping in go too well.  Then Casper decided she had to bark at the guys on the roof instead of pooping, but I guess I can’t blame her.  I just didn’t like standing in the wet yard in my pajamas watching her bark, since she needs company to go outside!

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