*ssholes and Good Samaritans

On Saturday, some idiot basically ran me off the road as I tried to merge on the interstate.  I’ve probably merged at this same spot literally 800 times in the past–it’s right by my house–so it’s not like I’m unfamiliar with the ramp or how to drive my car!  Driving on the berm to avoid hitting this idiot (who had plenty of room to move out of the way grrr) apparently introduced a foreign object to my tire, which went flat within a mile.

I started changing it (thank you David for teaching me how last year!), and a nice guy stopped to help after several minutes of me trying to find all the parts.  VW has a few special tools for the job but we figured it out.  This stranger pretty much had it all wrapped up by the time David arrived–poor guy was on the phone with me as I said mean things about the person who was running me off the road and then when I determined I had a problem, and he came to help.

My passenger, little Marty the bunny, was a good sport as he sat in his carrier on the side of the road, traffic rushing by at 65mph.  In the end I had to get a new tire, but that was a lot cheaper than in April when a semi blew his tire right in front of me, causing $1400 in damage to my bumper!  Once in awhile insurance does come in handy.

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