Blast from the past

Gotta love the internet.  I found some old pics of me racing.  Pardon all the copyrighting stuff–you get the idea.  All from [/credit so I don’t violate their rules]

Eastern Sprints 05-15-94 Eastern Sprints 05-15-94.  Even as a novice I was always bow seat…

Head of the Charles 10-22-94 Head of the Charles 10-22-94, my usual spot

Head of the Charles 10-21-95 Head of the Charles 10-21-95.  Ooh, I made it to 3 seat!

 On being bow seat: I’ve always enjoyed it.  It’s like I get to see everything that goes on as well as the cox does, but I don’t have to talk about it or fix it.  I definitely have a certain comfort level there that I don’t always in the rest of the boat.  Maybe I just don’t like having people watch me, or maybe it’s because I got to wear the number and take it home a lot.  Anyway, there’s a funny personality traits in an eight piece with this (pretty true) description of my role:

Comedian. The bow seat creates a strange fatalism. They know that in a catastrophic collision, they’ll be the only one to die or get paralysed. Consequently there is a constant quiet stream of one-liners that two or three could probably hear if two were not cheering loudly. If the bow is joined by a cox in a front-loader, this trait completely disappears, since someone is now likely to hear him joke about three being late, five not pulling hard, or the coxn’s course looking like a signature. (S)he can be humorless and witless off the water, but on the water when there is breath to spare, you’re sure to catch a chuckle if you listen.

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