Wedding etc

arlissdead.jpg Arliss was dead asleep the other day when I was getting in the shower.  She didn’t notice me for a very long time.

sharpest_pencil_man.jpg One of my favorite sights between Indy and South Bend is the Sharpest Pencil Man sign.  I really don’t know why that’s worth crowing about, and they’ve been out of business for a long time, but I hope the sign never comes down!

mattamyweddingb.JPG The reason for the trip: my brother’s wedding.  We had a lot of fun watching him dance with his friends at the reception.  For once, I wore heels!


2 thoughts on “Wedding etc

  1. By the way, the “sharpest pencil man” is no longer in business and I am sad every time I drive by. I love him as well… him and his skin piercing writing utensils. That sounds like something Dad would say. “Don’t careen off the appliances”.

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