Columbus Crew Classic

Last week we had a very close race and came in second, but it was easier to digest than this weekend’s loss where we were actually passed by another boat.  Rumor had it their bow four are part of some nationals-attending boat, and they were registered under a high school (as opposed to the more “mature” category we’re actually in), but still…  Looking at the results, we still beat some college teams, so I guess we don’t stink as much as we felt while being passed!

One more race for the season, which should be a fun one since it’s at home and we can enter many events.

This morning Casper woke me up howling.  She hasn’t done that in a long time, and it’s always been when she’s alone in the backyard and there are a lot of sirens wailing, not in the house.  I found out on the news this morning that there were four separate accidents on the interstate by my house so I imagine she was singing along as usual with the emergency vehicles!


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  1. Delila howls with ambulances! I think she only howls with ambulances, and only at the part of the siren that is a long wail. Weird…

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