Ecological Footprint

I took a quiz to see what my ecological footprint is: basically, my impact on Earth’s resources.

Ecological Footprints document a given population’s consumption and waste production expressed in biologically productive land and ocean areas necessary to maintain these services. By aggregating data on the consumption of various resources and on the ability of the earth to provide them, the Ecological Footprint accounts provide a means to compare various components of consumption and ultimately serve as an indicator of sustainability – or, in the case of deficits, of unsustainability.

My results weren’t so good!


I recycle, drive a car with great mileage, and don’t eat meat, and I still have twice the footprint of the average American. Apparently living in a big house is not helpful to sustainability. Worse, if everyone lived like me, we’d need 10.7 planets!

Take the short quiz and comment back here on what you scored and what you think!

Ecological Footprint Quiz

8 thoughts on “Ecological Footprint

  1. I have a total footprint of 38, so we would need 8.6 planets.

    FOOD 6.9
    MOBILITY 4.2
    SHELTER 12.1

  2. Well,

    It would seem that I need 2.6 plants to sustain everyone at my level of use. Amy, as to the SUV rant, I have an SUV, but I have a hybrid. So,there. I have a gas sipping, as opposed to sucking, SUV. I sure do miss seeing you. I am flying into your neck of the woods the weekend before Thanksgiving….want to get together?

    crazy glow in the dark phone lady

  3. Deb–KNH’s SUV is a hybrid too. I was just trying to annoy her. 🙂 Actually, I have a gas-sucking SUV myself. I just keep it parked until time to haul something and go around in my 40+mpg car 95% of the time.

    We should get together! I will call you soon, I promise.

  4. I scored a 28 and would need 6.3 planets to sustain my slovenly ways. Shelter was my highest score. I was surprised they didn’t ask more about recycling (other than comparing your trash to other’s). I was also shocked at the amount of vegetarian questions…I didn’t realize eating meat was such a strain on the environment. Still not entirely convinced it is…

  5. I was surprised I did so well –

    FOOD 6.9
    MOBILITY 0.7
    SHELTER 3.7

    Obviously being a restauranting-meat-eater is counteracted by my high-milage antique taxi & apartment living. 🙂 Still needed 3.5 planets, though. Ug!

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