Found in the camera

David went through some old pictures from the dog park.  Spot and Casper were fortunately not involved in the fight we witnessed that day!

spot.jpg  casper.jpg

Head of the Eagle results (Oct 21): First place in both events!  Our quad finished under 17 minutes on the 2.75 mile course, well ahead of the other three teams.  Our eight finished just over 16 minutes, WAY ahead of the other boat in the race, though it’s not that satisfying since it’s the breast cancer survivors’ boat (it’s even a pink boat!) and you can’t exactly trash talk them.  We really prefer to have more competition!

I am preparing to paint one of the bedrooms in my house and spent a fun evening last night on a stepladder with a putty knife, trying to remove the wallpaper border near the ceiling.  Several hours later, I only accomplished two-thirds of it and the wall needs repair, too.

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