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The NY Times printed this piece a few days ago. I find it fascinating to think how our food supply, as it has grown more efficient, has also put us in danger. The most interesting line:

This has always been the genius of industrial capitalism — to take its failings and turn them into exciting new business opportunities.

The nature of our food production threatens us–cattle standing in feedlots, manure washing away to poison other foods, a few huge processing plants, the inability to find the source of the problem when there is one, the opportunity for terrorism–all the “bad side” of efficiency. What is the average westerner to do?

I guess I just marvel at the complexity and wait for spinach to come back to the stores.

1 thought on “Local food’s long reach

  1. I feel like you’re begging me to comment, so here it is:

    Irradiated poop is still poop!

    Hee hee reminds me of SPMI days 🙂

    Still funny, still alarmingly ignored by the food industry.

    Now, for the serious comment:

    Those of us in regulated industry know that even if they solve the spinach problem, it’s only the spinach problem they’ll solve. Waste water from disgusting feed lots will still exist, ready to poison our food and choke out diverse wildlife in the waters so polluted.

    I’m no vegan, but I do recognize that the more we industrialize, the more natural diversity struggles. A recent story on cloning animals for food chills me because it ignores the benefits of genetic diversity. Hello people, mutation allows adaptation!

    Well anyway. Not everyone is ready for the idea that meat is murder but I do think we humans are not thinking straight when cash is king. Living creatures, not only the food animals but the whole biosystem, deserve way more respect than we give. If we treated all cows like Kobe beef cattle, the sheer price of meat would convert almost everyone to a meatless diet. Cows live better, we stop abusing them, nature and humans both win.

    Should I have stopped after the irradiated poop line? 🙂

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