Teeth #4,5, 18-21, 28-31

More dental surgery!  A few weeks ago I had crown lengthening performed on the lower left quadrant.  This sucked and I freaked out during the procedure, needed oxygen, etc.  So for yesterday’s procedure on the other side (and involving more teeth in a more invasive way), the periodontist was kind enough to prescribe some Halcion.  This made all the difference!  I still had some discomfort/freaking at the very end, but that whole first hour is barely memorable.

I think I’m done with these crown lengthening procedures, other than post-op checkup, so I feel brave enough to write about them here.  It’s a fun process with local anesthetic (shots into the roof of your mouth suck too, btw), cutting away your gums (front and backsides of affected teeth) with a scalpel, burring the now-exposed bone underneath as needed, and then suturing the gum flaps back in place minus some of the tissue.  The part where I “felt” the scalpel going into my gums is where the anxiety took off in the first surgery.  It wasn’t fun.  I cried, hyperventilated, etc.  I’m normally a good patient (I think)!

So I tried to get a post-op picture this morning.  Instead of what I was expecting to zoom into a close-up, I got this hilarious picture!  You can still see a bit of the black sutures on top and the pink dressing covering the site on the bottom, but I’m really providing this because it’s so funny:


On the plus side, I had to refuel my car after both procedures and nearly tied my old record for best mileage with 43.5 and 44.5 mpg.  I love good days at the fuel pump! 

Joey also has issues with his mouth.  On Monday, foster rabbit Raquel jumped a fence in the playroom and went visiting.  She got along with Vegas but bit Joey when he stuck his nose through his fence.  I came home to find him bloody on his little white nose, paws, and chin.  I tried to get his post-vet picture but it doesn’t show his injuries other than a bit on the nose.  He’s still cute enough to get his picture here!  Fortunately he just needed antibiotics and no sutures.


Joey is a very good patient.  I give him his strawberry and liver flavored (they make this stuff for dogs!) antibiotics by oral syringe on my bed.  Casper is very interested in this procedure and “helps” by whining, nudging his bottom, or just parking her nose over the edge to supervise.


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  1. Bless your heart!! (I am so southern) I was going to ask what a crown lengthening was after your last entry, but decided that whatever it was it didn’t sound natural, so it must be painful. Hope David is taking care of you!

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