Exciting weekend!

…if you count scraping wallpaper, changing oil, going to a 2-year-old’s birthday party, and cooking as exciting.  Actually it was a pretty good weekend because it was productive.  The General Tso’s Tofu was yummy–and way better than the General Tso’s Seitan from a few weeks ago.  Nicole and David cooked and Carlton and I did more wine-pouring, cookie dough handling, eating, etc.  Note Sunny looking for crumbs on the floor. 

gentso1.JPG gentso2.JPG 

Did the oil change in the Jetta last night.  I have to order the oil and filter online because the only other place to get it is the dealer, and we all know that’s expensive.  It’s bad enough at $50 after all the shipping to have it sent to me, but it only needs to be done every 10K miles so it’s not so bad.  I sure make up for it in fuel savings!  I can’t imagine buying anything but diesel for my next car.

oilchg2.jpg oilchg1.jpg

That’s my Pela oil extractor on the floor.  No crawling under the car!  I used the handy extraction video at cinciTDI.com to guide me.

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