Piggy cancer

Greta, Cappy, and Josie Poor Cappy had her surgery today.  Only one ovarian cyst and it wasn’t too big, but she had a large cervical tumor.  My vet is a very good surgeon, but this is still a major bummer for Cappy’s healing and long-term health.  She’s probably about five now, though, and in the past cancer seems to have recurred in my pigs within a year or so, which puts her at rather old anyway if tumors should recur.  My view is if we can maintain quality of life (and she’s certainly happy now, or at least was before the surgery!) for as long as possible, that’s all that matters.

I had one other pig with cervical cancer and it didn’t seem to cause the bilateral hairloss like the more frequent ovarian cysts do, just personality changes due to all the hormones going crazy.  Maybe Cappy was “lucky” to then get the ovarian cyst which caused the hairloss which caused me to take her to the vet for the symptoms.

She’s staying overnight at the vet and on lots of good pain meds.  I should be able to bring her home tomorrow.  She is my squeaky pig–much more than her roommates!

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