Go Colts, I guess

I just don’t care about football.  I usually know what’s going on since I look over the newspaper and I work with a bunch of Colts nuts, but I really don’t care about the Super Bowl.  Growing up in northern Indiana we partied for the Bears anyway (I used to know all the words to Superbowl Shuffle), but either team can win and I won’t be happy or sad.  Unless, of course, the Colts winning means we could generate more revenue which could cause me to stop paying for their $#!@* new stadium…

Anyway, my company is decorating in blue too.  That means blue lights on the buildings, a 20-foot tall inflatable Peyton Manning named Tiny, blue water in the fountain, themed cafeteria food, and crap for sale in the gift shops.  Meanwhile my department has a whole themed week of food and clothing leading up to the game.  I find it all rather bizarre.

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3 thoughts on “Go Colts, I guess

  1. You are SO right that some of this is bizarre. I certainly don’t have five different Colts outfits to wear on each themed day next week. But some of it makes sense too.

    It makes all kinds of sense from a corporate standpoint. Lilly wants to be a good citizen of Indianapolis, and right now most of the city is Colts crazy (including me). By supporting those things about which Indianapolis cares, Lilly becomes a part of the community.

    Plus, as you alluded, a Super Bowl win generates revenue for the city in thousands of ways. That attracts people to the city which increases the number of good candidates for Lilly jobs. It also helps those people who already work for Lilly to like the location of the job as well.

    On another note, much as I HATE rising taxes, the stadium may be the home of the Colts but is not owned by them. Many other events take place there, from other football events to high school marching band finals to the World Championship for the Drum Corps International. Again, each of these events brings in revenue, and ironically the participants usually double -pay because they eat in a taxed restaurant. At least you and I can choose to cook pad thai at home!

    And I know all the words to the Super Bowl Shuffle too… but go Colts!


  2. I had a blast on the Super Bowl! We had a chili cook-off and a Super Bowl gathering at our place. We had 7 chili entries and the grand prize winner won a trophy (I made it myself!). We ended up having SO much food. In addition to 7 brimming chili pots, we had ribs, brisket sandwiches, baked brie and crackers, brownies, nachos, veggie tray (horray for healthy), sour cream based dip for the veggies (oops), bears cake, etc… It was a delicious and artery-clogging evening had by all. I was upset that the Bears lost. But my wife was ecstatic that the Colts won. My dog was not affiliated despite attempts by Andrea and I.

  3. We had a chili cookoff at work, but I didn’t win. We ate the leftovers during the game! One of the Colts cheerleaders works in my department–she was pretty excited to go to the big game.

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