Chicago-area rabbits seized: update

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I had password-protected this post because court appeals were pending and I didn’t want pictures/info available to the breeder.  The online breeding community already thinks we’re in this to make money, so I know they’re crazy!

The 180+ rabbits seized in Watseka, IL, have been awarded to the custody of South Suburban Humane Society, where they’ve been since the end of February.  Apparently the breeder has appealed the court’s decision, and this process may take 90 days.  A lot of volunteers have been putting in hard work caring for these rabbits, and if the appeal does not change the outcome of the case, more hard work will be needed to spay/neuter all the rabbits and adopt them into forever families.

Here are some shots from one of Indiana HRS’ days spent cleaning, feeding, medicating, and grooming the rabbits.



Today is Meatout 2007

In most places, today is Meatout. It’s usually held on the first day of spring (hooray!) and challenges everyone to go a day without eating meat. In Indianapolis this year, it’s actually being observed on July 28th. So I guess you all can do this twice! I hope some friends will join me in July–there’s a big banquet of yummy food.

There are also other Indiana Meatout observations in Granger, Mishawaka, Kokomo, Muncie, Lafayette…

My life expectancy: 83

This is a little more informed than most of the quizzes I have put on here.  Want to calculate your life expectancy?  If you are under 50, go to  If 50 or over, go to  I was hoping for a better “score,” what with my super-fabulous cholesterol results I received last week.  Oh well.  If I do retire at 52, at least I’ll get thirty years to screw around after that.

Let me know how old you’ll be in the comments area!

Call or write today! Hearing tomorrow

Information on the 170+ rabbits seized last week (my previous post had the news clips).  I helped care for them on Saturday at the shelter where they are currently housed.  There is a hearing TOMORROW, Tuesday, for the breeder to get them back.  PLEASE make a quick call or email to let the IL Dept of Agriculture know that the rabbits should not be returned to the breeder.  Contact info is in the link at the beginning of this post.